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Blair P. Houghton 23-11-2003 06:07 PM

Cuervo vs Sauza
Cuervo's color comes from added caramel, I'd wager.

Possibly. Corn liquor, too. Most mass-market tequilas
have corn liquor in them. But corn liquor doesn't
necessarily mean aged corn liquor, so the added corn liquor
may be colorless, hence caramel coloring.

"Corn liquor. See? I can say it."

Oh, wait. We're not done:

Sauza Hornitos

My favorite for margs.

and Anejo are far superior and smoother tasting in my opinion.

I have some Herradura Anejo, but that's a whole different league

Cuervo is only successful because of better marketing than Sauza,
but Sauza has the better product.

Cuervo's had better marketing for several decades, so it's
also got market-penetration and momentum, and hardly has to
try any more.

(Okay, now we're done.)

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