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BeefeaterGin 28-05-2009 10:34 AM

Hanky Panky - Cocktail Of The Week
Beefeater Mixology Part 1 video has just been added to our main site!

Watch Dan Warner whip this punchy cocktail up at the Beefeater distillery. Visit Beefeater Gin - London Distilled Dry Gin for more fantastic cocktails. If you sign up there are chances to win Beefeater prizes as well!

Ada Coleman became the second person to hold the post of Head Bartender at the Savoy in 1898. She later created the cocktail for English comedy actor Charles Hawtrey, who asked her for "something with a bit of punch in it". The first time he tasted the results of her hours of experimentation, he replied, "By jove! That's the real hanky panky!" And the name stuck!

What does everyone think?

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