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Default Simple Questionnaire

Simple Questionnaire

1. Question Ė I listed my self in the event section of several groups
and I am looking for people to meet while I am on the road on tour.
The purpose is to just mingle. Is lots of fun. It ads excitement to
your day and we are able to show off the racing team. When we race we
race on the ocean, so you are welcome to watch the race from your
boat. On the road during our tours we do humanitarian stuff. Like
supplying people with pure H2O, and Oxygen, like an oxygen bar. If you
have never experienced something like an oxygen bar you can keep in
touch with us and we will bring one over to you. Checking people's
blood pressure and doing body scans is by equipment that is automatic.
It is part of our rescue team country tour. Just helping out is
something that we like to do, but it is important to have notice

By letting you know that I may be going to your town to hang out with
a trailer full of fun stuff to do, or a trailer full of pure water or
wish ever racing team goes your way because there are over 1000 of us
and we donít mind showing of our skills by taking you on a Jet
Gladiator ride does that make me:

A. a bad guy
B. a spammer
C. A guy or girl that is on the road all the time and wants to hang
with people on his or her time off.
D. What is the catch?

I will answer D for you. There is no catch. We shake hands when we
meet you can ask me questions and you can even ask me for a ride if we
are close to a water way. If you ask me to take you on a Jet Gladiator
ride, no problem I am a professional racer. The only thing is that I
have guide lines to follow for insurance purpose but that is just
about it. When I have to leave to my next town I simply say I had a
good time and I basically hope to meet you again.

2. Question Ė and I will be frank Ė Many people like to drink wine.
Some people know lots about wine. We do the same thing with our solar
wine making trailer as we do with the jet gladiator and rescue
trailers. We go around experimenting with new ways of making wine.
This is following a space exploration project related to gas usages in
an enclosed environment and on a moving vessel.

If you want to make wine you will probably spend a few dollars getting
your own grapes and seasoning just if you want to try your skills in
making wine. It is not expensive. Compare to the set up of the trailer
is just pennies. Does that make me?

A. a bad guy
B. a spammer
C. a guy that is on the road doing intelligent stuff and likes to meet
D. What is the catch?

I will answer D for you. There is not catch. The only thing I cannot
do is give you other peoples wine to taste that are been stored in the
mobile lab, but you can taste the wine that is made by the person
driving the mobile lab. And not just a cup Ė a full glass and you can
comment on it. Now is that wrong? Am I not selling you anything. I
simply want to say hi and after we hang out I get back on the road.

3. I invite people to one group out of 5 that I manage my self that
are just for planning. The one that I invite you to, I basically read
comments from ventures that we will all have together. It is easier to
read letters from people comments when I am on the road using one
group. Pretty much all the trailers in our racing club are equipped
with a Jet Gladiator and some other items that we give away for free
like T-shirts etc...

Please note I donít mind going to your events if I am in your town I
enjoy all kinds of different things. If you spend time on the road you
would also.

I uploaded a newsletter on my yahoo group that you can download. It is
about the wine making project. Download it and see if it can be done
in your area or if you have time to make some wine. If not just check
to see if something else can be done in your area for fun with a whole
bunch of Jet Gladiators that have nothing else to do. If this sounds
interesting please go to our public yahoo group and introduce your
self. Don't be afraid if there is not that many people in it. We just
started the group.

The racing website is always under construction do to changes on the
weather. Please donít mind it, is simply being remodeled for the
comfort club, racing club members. We are using groups in the mean
while, so we are quite accessible through using groups in the sense of
a back stage look into the comfort club.

Why we do it? We are focusing on training for possibilities of work
under very dangerous conditions like building on the ocean the moon or
in mars or possibly a space station.

I am sorry if I donít participate much as a member in the groups I
join, just imagine trying to participate in over 500 groups. I am
always in a hurry to meet you personally and planning is a must. This
is the reason why I am posting this notice so please don't
automatically determine that is spam.

If this sounds cool great we will be able to maybe plan an outing. It
all depends on my scheduling. The download in the yahoo group will
tell you how we arrange to be in different areas.

Also I know some of you have more than one group Ė so if you see this
letter come trough youíre other groups is because I am looking for
people to hang out with when I am on the road. I can't tell if youíre
running other groups.

This is my yahoo group:

P.S - I am not looking for Yahoo popularity or an email list. I am not
interested in sending you information. The club is a voluntary thing.
The only mailing list I email out to is to the comfort club members.
It does not include yahoo groups, or Google groups or msn groups, or
myspace groups.

Thank You and I appreciate you kindly if you can let this post go up
in your group. So people that may want to make new friends have the
opportunity to do so.

Your group will gain more popularity if we show up at one of your
group memberís event. They will let us now how the found out about us
and then we will put a note in your group about the experience.

Please note: What I am doing here is personal. The sponsors that I
work with have more of a hold on where I go since the forking out the
bills. Since I never know where am going to meet people in groups my
personal planning is just to set up my extra curriculum fun while I am
in your town. So please let me know about what you do for fun. I donít
go to chicken sacrifices, dumpster diving even do it could be fun in a
gold mind, and I definitely donít do back alley gambling. Pretty much
everything else goes.

If you do response to this questionnaire send it to my email directly,
I am in to many groups. Donít worry simply state I am responding to
your questioner. Or just go to my Yahoo group, it is easier to read. I
am in about 500 groups, so imagine getting all the information that I
get in my email.

If you had a fun job like mine where you get to meet people while your
working you would be in 500 groups to. Maybe even more. It is lots of
fun meeting people on the road.

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