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[email protected] 05-06-2008 10:39 PM

Sacramento Bee launches new wine site for region
The 200 nearby wineries around Sacramento have a history too rich and
tasteful to keep to ourselves any longer, so we've tried to bottle the
flavor of it and help you navigate it here at


Welcome to the Sacramento Wine Region, a cluster of eight northern
California counties surrounding the capital city. From the foothills
to the Delta to Lodi and beyond, the area's 200 wineries are a source
of history, discovery and pleasure. To help you learn about the
region's wineries - where they are, the wines they make, the events
they hold, the awards they win we created

Working with the area wine grape growers, SacWineRegion was designed
to help you explore a nearby wine wonderland:

A comprehensive map and profiles of nearly 200 wineries in the region
A calendar of upcoming events
Food and wine pairing advice from top chefs and wine experts
And much more has surveyed each of the wineries to create their
profiles. Each winery has been asked to continually update its profile
and our events calendar to include the most up-to-date information. We
have also invited some of the region's food & wine industry's leaders
to blog about trends and issues in their industry.

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