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DENDRONISTA 05-05-2007 03:10 PM

Takahashi of Wacom Corp attempting Theft-by-Deception Gabriellii Winery Assets
Let it be known that Takahashi of Wacom corporation is not authorized
to sell off Gabrielli Winery's wine, eqaipment, other inventory or
land or licensure or any other assets.

Ttakahashi tried to fraudulently foreclose on Gabrielli Winery and it
was reversed by the TTB and currently the wine made by third parties
is bootleg and not available to be marketed.

furthermore Takahashi is not an onwer but merely a manager-usurper who
represents a minority share and has been practicing theft by deception
and abuse of bankruptcy laws (mimbe as the yakuza call it) and any
contract he has made or will make in this direction is null and void
and fraudulent and any attempt to remove any of Gabrielli Winery's
inventory, assets, equipment or land o to transfer or barter such is a
criminal act and will be litigated.

Peter Burford, this includes your attempt to steal the syrah and
possibly market bootleg fraudulently under Gabrielli Winery Licensure
which is a criminal act.

Beware customers of Peter Burford.
Beware Vinovation.

all parties who take possesion of the above or attempt to do so will
be charged with burglary and theft and litigated civilly as well.

this goes also for Transcapital and the so-called Campagna Winery LLC.

and any representations by Rick Idell or Ttoni Griffin.

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