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Don Kirkman wrote:
It seems to me I heard somewhere that Andrew B. Chung, MD/PhD wrote in
article :
Don Kirkman wrote:
It seems to me I heard somewhere that wrote in
article .com:

The word UNIVERSE means (originating from two Latin words):

Uni - single, Verse - a spoken sentence = A single spoken sentence.

Except that should be "unus, uni-" [one, single] and "versus, vertere"
[turn, face toward = cf. 'vice versa'] - to turn as one, as a single

The word "verse" meaning sentence also comes from "versus, vertere."

The word being discussed is "universe", not "verse."

Universe is "uni" plus(+) "verse."

A universe is not a single spoken sentence.

It remains possibly for GOD.

Why do you always shift away from the topic?

In truth, I have not.

Why would you attempt to limit GOD's power ?

Not in this word. What you want is "fiat lux" - 'let there be light'.

"In the beginning GOD created the heavens and the earth." (Genesis 1:1)

It is possible HE did this by simply saying "Let there be."

But if so there is nothing to prove that;

....nor do you have anything that proves HE did not... so the
possibility remains.

Because it is written that nothing happens by chance (Proverbs 16:33),
one should also consider the possibility that GOD has revealed through
Nigel something that was sealed within the "scroll with writing on both
sides" (Revelation 5:1) since this interesting scroll may be now nearly
completely opened authorizing the establishment of Jesus' kingdom here
on earth. The possibility that GOD spoke the entire universe into
existence with one sentence is actually quite profound. It is also
explanable through "string theory."

the Bible certainly doesn't say so.

Would suggest you read the 26th verse of Matthew 19.

It says he said "let there be" light, firmament, vegetation,
lights in the heavens, living creatures, birds and sea creatures, beasts
of the earth--but not man.

Yes, the LORD GOD Almighty spoke many things into existence according
to the Holy Bible, the written Word of GOD.

It's really odd how much you claim
infallibility for the Bible and yet distort both the actual text and the
teachings of the text.

It is interesting that you see distortion when there has been none.

You will remain in my prayers, dear Don whom I love, in Jesus' most
precious and holy name.

May GOD continue to draw you closer to HIM so that someday you too will
know that Jesus Christ is:

"KING of kings and LORD of lords."

Amen !

"Prepare the way for the LORD, make straight paths for HIM." (Matthew
3:3 and Isaiah 40:3)

"Every valley shall be raised up, every mountain and hill made low; the
rough ground shall become level, and the rugged places a plain."
(Isaiah 40:4)

Dear Friend,

Through many days of continued prayer seeking the LORD's guidance on
how to effectively call out as one of HIS lowly watchmen regarding the
catastrophic event (Revelation 6:14) that may possibly happen very
soon, the above verses which are from both the OT and the NT came to

This electronic message will be a feeble solitary voice calling out
into the desert that is the Internet ever hopeful that it will be heard
by all so that "the glory of the LORD will be revealed." (Isaiah 40:5)
Please help by conveying this message to everyone you know. It will be
my fervent prayer, in Jesus' most precious and holy name, that all who
understand the essence of this message will be protected from all harm
in this time that may possibly be leading to "the great tribulation"
referenced in the 14th verse of Revelation 7. Please join me in our
collectively praying for GOD's protection, HIS continued mercy and HIS
infinite grace for all those who are blessed by an understanding of
this message.

At 10:33 PM (Tokyo time) on 03/28/06, there was a strong and deep
magnitude 6 earthquake that impacted Tokyo:

Then on 03/29/06, an unusual total solar eclipse happened in Turkey at
2:00 PM (LT) that darkened the skies of the ancient cities where the 7
Churches of Christ reside in the same order as given **twice** in
Revelation (1:11 and then chapters 2 through 3). A parallel solar
eclipse apparently happened on this same day (March 29th) in 70AD,
which is the year that Jerusalem was destroyed. This total solar
eclipse could very well be the same eclipse that was seen by John in
the prophetic vision given to him by LORD Jesus Christ as described in
the 12th verse of Revelation 6. A "great earthquake" did precede the
solar eclipse visualized by John as described in Revelation 6:12. And
now we face a possible nuclear showdown with Iran that may result in
the fulfillment of the rest of the elements seen by John for the
opening of the 6th seal (Revelation 6:12-17):

It is possible that Tehran is the physical representation on this globe
of the spirit of Babylon, which is "the great city that rules over the
kings of the earth." (Revelation 17:18)

Indeed, using the letters from "Babylon the Great" (Revelation 17:5),
one can form the phrase "At Tehran by Globe."

For more details including a link that has descriptions of recent
observed events that may possibly represent the elements in Revelation
6 that precede the catastrophic event heralded by the 14th verse,
please visit the following online article:

You are invited to sign up for being notified about the next on-line chat to ask questions and confirm the authenticity of
this message and its author:

In the continued interest of making this message "on-topic" for the
USENET newsgroups ACC, SMC, AA, and RFC that are its initial
recipients, would be glad to also chat about LORD Jesus Christ,
cardiology, atheism, and/or cooking food.

Prayerfully in Christ's amazing love,

Andrew B. Chung, MD/PhD
Cardiologist and Foundation Advisor

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