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Default Sweet Tomatoes

On Tue 31 Jan 2006 08:17:11p, Thus Spake Zarathustra, or was it Michael
"Dog3" Lonergan?

> Steven was off today. We had fun. A friend of his (one of his nurses)
> came over to visit. She's from Jefferson County. I recognized her.
> This dear soul helped me out when I first got home from the hospital.
> She actually helped me shave once. Yep. She was one of my keepers. I
> recognized her. She's seen me naked but so has all of the North American
> continent. She has kind of a southern drawl thing going and it's very
> hillbillyish. Anyway, I loved her instantly.
> Kathy and Steven went to Plaza Frontenac and Crestwood Plaza. They
> shopped the sales. Kathy's SUV was full when they returned. She was
> hungry and I suggested lunch. She insisted on this *new* place she
> heard about, "Sweet Tomatoes." I could feel my skin crawling. A salad
> buffet is not what I had in mind.
> Kathy is a doll so I changed into the appropriate sweats and tennis
> shoes. Off we went and I was pleasantly surprised. No kids in sight.
> Not one. It might have been the time of day but the salad bar thingy was
> high up and brats can not reach it easily.
> They had signature salads so I took a scoop of the Santa Fe salad, it
> was good but dripping in dressing. The rest of my plate was devoted to
> mixed greens, red onion slivers, a ton of bleu cheese, black olives and
> a dressing of olive oil and a red wine vinegar. It was divine.
> The chicken noodle soup was good. Huge amounts of chicken in broth with
> big noodles. I had 2 cups of it. The house chili was blase'. A lot
> like the Wendy's fast food chain. I was disappointed they were not
> offering the cream of mushroom soup. There were a couple of other soup
> choices which I did not taste.
> Their pasta sucked. Enuf said on that. Their Blueberry muffins were
> wonderful.
> Basically I ate 2 salads, 2 cups of chicken noodle soup, 1 cup of chili
> and about 5 blueberry muffins.
> I'll go back.
> Michael

Sweet Tomatoes is one of my lunch places around work. I always avoid their
pastas, but most of their soups are good, as well as most of their salads.
You get to know what to avoid if you go several times. On their website
they publish which of their speciality salads will be available at any
given time.

Wayne Boatwright o¿o

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