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The Bubbo
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Default Applebee's Riblettes

Nancy Young wrote:

> Heh ... it's endearing. There is this one actress, don't know her
> name, she did Minnesowta very well, you couldn't help but like
> her.

Francis McDormand? I love her.

>> Lately, I've also been channeling my inner-old-lady, driving my old lady
>> car,
>> crocheting my old lady lace, I even had old lady blue hair for a while.

> Well, even I took up knitting again, in an extremely minorly way.
> nancy

I've learned to knit, but I'm not so good at it. I can pretty much just knit
in the round and make a felted purse.
I've been crocheting since I was a little kid.

Step off, beyotches, I'm the roflpimp!
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Mr Libido Incognito
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Default Applebee's Riblettes

Nancy Young wrote on 23 Jan 2006 in

> Well, even I took up knitting again, in an extremely minorly way.
> nancy

Baby booties? Is there something we should know?

The eyes are the mirrors....
But the ears...Ah the ears.
The ears keep the hat up.
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Gregory Morrow
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Default Applebee's Riblettes

Melba's Jammin' wrote:

> In article . net>,
> "Gregory Morrow"
> > Melba's Jammin' wrote:
> >
> > > In article .net>,
> > > "Gregory Morrow"
> > > <gregorymorrowEMERGENCYCANCELLATIONARCHIMEDES@eart> wrote:
> > >
> > > > Melba's Jammin' wrote:
> > > >
> > > > > In article >,
> > > > > Stan Horwitz > wrote:
> > > > >
> > > > > > In article >,
> > > > > > Melba's Jammin' > wrote:

> > > > > > > Hoo-yah!! I had some of that Cherry Chipotle Relish thing
> > > > > > > I made with tonight's supper, that Chicken Rice Dinner thing
> > > > > > > I posted a coupledays ago - yesterday? Get this: I had 5
> > > > > > > thighs, skinless, that I used. There was one left, with
> > > > > > > some rice - a single portion for lunch or dinner. I was
> > > > > > > going to bring it over to The Widow Dorothy anddecided to
> > > > > > > not. As I was leaving her house tonight, she's telling me
> > > > > > > what she fixed for supper -- the selfsame thing!! What a
> > > > > > > coincidence! I don't know if TPTB would approve of the
> > > > > > > relish with the chicken and rice stuff, but it was mighty
> > > > > > > fine. Perked up the otherwise mildly flavored chicken.
> > > > > > > Actually, it's darned good!

> > > > > > Barb,
> > > > > >
> > > > > > There you go again, being so Minnesotan! Thanks!
> > > > >
> > > > > 'splain yourself, Stanley. Whaddaya mean, "being so Minnesotan!"?
> > > > > Seriously. What does that mean?

> > > >
> > > > I'm from Illannoy but indeed your post was "Minnesotan" ...the
> > > > onlything you left out was that you'd put the recipe in the
> > > > Church fundraiser cookbook

> > > > ;-)
> > >
> > > C'mon, Weasel, tell me what the heck is so "Minnesotan" about it. The
> > > recipe? That I was thinking about bringing some to Dottie? W H A T

> >
> >
> > Yer post is evocative of cold midnight moonlight on hard

> > Bunyan and his pet ox "Babe" basement suppers...cosy
> > casseroles...bosky green forests resounding with the cry of the
> > old red barn slumbering amongst a field of ripe corn...the odor of

> > cakes at the Minnesota State Fair...the sizzle of a venison steak on the

> > grille...the old North Central Airlines mallard duck logo...cases of
> > trophies and ribbons won by a certain gal we know for her worthy efforts

> > food preservation and baking...nice old Norwegian ladies who are always
> > baking lotsa goodies for everybody...a brood of quail crossing a country
> > road...the Mall 'o America...Mary Richard's funny pal Rhoda Morgenstern

> > only Jew in Minneapolis...)...wild rice harvested by Indians in

> > Tyrone Guthrie Thee - ater...International Falls being the "sister city"
> > weather - wise of Bullhead City, Arizona...the sudden sounds of autumn
> > hunting...neighbors helping each other out...the sound of a combine
> > harvesting at night...the home of "Scotch" brand tape...

> LOL!! How much research did you do to come up with all those?

It's all in my trivia - filled mind :-)

Have you
> ever spent any time here?

I flew up in February 1980 for a flight attendant interview with Republic
Airlines. Some pals who worked for them recommended I go, I checked into
the hotel that they used saying "I'm with Republic..." (I forget the name of
the hotel, it was downtown and was kind of a wierd place, it was built maybe
c. 1948 or so. I say it's wierd because the halls and rooms had these
linoleum tile floors, not carpet...). Hey, it was a free weekend trip. In
February. In Minneapolis.

The highlight of my trip was seeing George McGovern at the airport when I
was flying back. Said "Hi" and shook his hand...very nice man.

> OB Food: Musta been the "cosy casserole" that touched your sole --
> er--rr, soul. I don't think of them as being Minnesotan, though -- just
> neighborly. And I just picked up a couple pounds of that good wild
> rice from Northland Native American Products on Franklin, just east of
> Chicago a couple blocks:
> It's $8/pound or two pounds for $14.
> The new Guthrie Thee-ater opens this summer down by the riverfront and
> you can tour the old place in a couple Sundays from yesterday - still
> time to book a flight,. :-)
> Thanks for all those Minnesota images. There's a book written by Ann
> Burckhardt, "A Cook's Tour of Minnesota" that has a recipe for a cream
> cheese coffeecake by that food preservation gal you were talking about.
> I've made it and it's wonderful!

Another "Minnesota" thing is the superb series of ground - breaking high
fidelity recordings made for the Mercury "Living Presence" label by the
Minneapolis Orchestra under Antal Dorati in the 50's - 60's. They were and
do remain seminal recordings even in this digital age (and they are all
mostly still available). More info:


"One of the earliest proofs of audio engineer Bob Fine's stereo technique is
on CD. It is Mercury 432 005-2 with Kodály's 'Hary Janos Suite', and
Bartok's 'Hungarian Sketches' and 'Roumanian Folk Dances', performed by the
Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra conducted by Antal Dorati. The recording
date: November 1956! Although Robert Blake who was Don Gabor's recording
technician already recorded in stereo for the Remington label in November
1953 with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra under Thor Johnson and with the
Helsinki University Chorus (see the link on top of this page), and RCA
followed in 1954, Bob Fine's stereo recording is unique because of the use
of three microphones and the specific placement for three channels to
capture the original orchestral balance."



"Antal Dorati was the conductor of the Dallas Symphony from 1945 until 1948.
In 1949 he accepted the post of conductor of the Minneapolis Symphony
Orchestra. Wilma Cozart was his secretary. She suggested that the orchestra
from Minneapolis with their conductor Dorati could fill the [recording]
void. That is how Dorati was contracted by Mercury and that is how Wilma
Cozart joined the recording company. The contract with the Minneapolis
Symphony was significant for the continued success of the Mercury label. It
was not common that a small label hired such a big and rather expensive
orchestra, especially when the contract was exclusive."



"In a spring day in 1956, Wilma Cozart phoned to invite me to lunch. As
recorded music director of WQXR, the radio station of The New York Times, I
kept in close touch with record executives and producers. But meeting with
the head of Mercury's classical division was always a special treat. Now in
its fifth year, the Living Presence recording team was still making news in
Detroit, Rochester and Minneapolis. Its Overture 1812 thundered its way into
the homes of audiophiles; balletomanes thrilled to the first complete
recordings of the original scores of Tchaikovsky's three masterworks,
Nutcracker, Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty; and Ruffles & Flourishes was
about to dazzle visitors to the annual Audio Fair..."


BTW IIRC that Minneapolis Orchestra recording of the _1812 Overture_ still
holds as the top - selling classical record of all time...


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Default Applebee's Riblettes

I can tell you how to make them.
all they are are baby backs... but cut into smaller strips rather than
a large chunk.
first you have to get some bacon fat and slather it on there. not too
much.. just brush it on there occassionally. and slow cook them under
foil. that's all. you can make your own honey bbq sauce as well...
guess how? honey and bbq. hope this helps.

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Default Applebee's Riblettes

look up copy kat recipes

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