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Rod Speed
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Default When to buy organic

Jon von > wrote
> tofuqueen wrote

>> I'm always astounded by the negative reaction
>> to concepts that are simply "different".

> Imo, it's more than just different. You're "dissing" their (unfounded)
> trust in Gubmint. Sorta like telling kids there's no Santa Claus.

Or they have noticed what snake oil bullshit 'organic' is.

>> Why do some people feel/react/seem so
>> threatened by the notion of not using pesticides?

Just another of your pathetic little fantasys.

>> It's as if they take it personally :-)

Just another of your pathetic little fantasys.

> They'd rather not have to entertain the notion that their present
> consumption levels may not be as safe as they've been led to believe.

Or they dont buy the snake oil bullshit that 'organic' involves.

> ( they may be safe when consumed individually, but "ya can't eat just one.")

Pathetic, really.

>> Why does anyone give a rat's ass if I choose to eat
>> a diet that doesn't include meat, fish or pesticides?

No one does. What some care about its the utterly
mindless snake oil bullshit that the 'organics' spew.

> Misery, (and tumors?) like company...??

Pathetic, really.

> (sidenote: pesticides have an affinity for fatty tissue, breasts, and such)

Some do, most dont.

>> I have scratched my head on this one for about 3 decades and
>> although I've learned to talk less and less about how and what I
>> eat, I still see the reaction is alive and well in forums such as this.

> Tip: Stop scratching, that's a poor way to energize your brain cells.
> (How does it benefit you to know exactly
> what makes other people tick....??)

It explains why so many buy the 'organic' bullshit. And religion in spades.

> pesticide trivia:
> Last time I checked, "safe" levels were based
> on average per capita consumption.

Wrong, as always.

> This assumes that every man, woman, & child consumes the same amount.

No it doesnt.

> Well, duh....some foods, such as avacados & pears are
> disproportionately consumed by a small minority of consumers.
> So, they're getting their "safe" levels, plus the "safe' levels of those
> who consume little or no avacados/pears and others, no doubt.

Thanks for that completely superfluous proof that you have
never ever had a ****ing clue about anything at all, ever.

> I eat very little of the hi-fat meats. Not concerned
> about the fat, per se, but what's IN the fat.

Your problem.

> Pesticide allowances for animal feed are in the stratosphere,

Pig ignorant lie.

> as though it should't be a problem for humans consuming them.

Thats considered when setting the safe levels allowed in fat, stupid.

> "You are what you eat.....and what the animals ate" ~ Jon K

Usual utterly mindless silly stuff that only 'organic' fools would spew'

> DIET FOR A NEW AMERICA by John Robbins
> (Stillpoint Publishing, 1987.)
> <snip>
> The Pesticides Monitoring Journal, published by the Environmental
> Protection Agency (EPA), chronicles scientific studies and
> research findings regarding toxins retained in animal tissues from
> the pesticides they eat. And, meat-eaters eat these birds, fish
> and animals. The journal confirmed what numerous studies have
> discovered:

> Foods of animal origin (are) the major source of. . .
> pesticide residues in the diet.

Doesnt mean that they are at harmful levels, stupid.

> Recent studies indicate that of all toxic chemical residues
> in the American diet, almost all, 95% to 99%, come
> from meat, fish, dairy products and eggs. If you want to
> include pesticides in your diet, these are the foods to eat.

More utterly mindless silly stuff.

> Otherwise, switch to a diet which is lower
> on the food chain and is organically grown.

Or tell fools like you to take a long run off a short pier.

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