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Kathy in NZ 17-12-2005 01:20 AM

shortbread -- results
The other Kathy posted a recipe for shortbread the other day, and I
gave my (similar) recipe in reply.

Today I made my shortbread but the mixture seemed much drier than I
remembered, though I haven't made it in years. Shock, horror! Could it
be I'd used the wrong recipe? I made a second batch, using a diffrent
recipe that had less cornflour, and caster sugar insteading of
confectioners sugar. It wasn't as dry.

Here are the pics. Icing sugar is confectioners sugar

shortbread using icing sugar, mixed stage (note how crumbly it is. It
then needs to be kneaded, then rolled).

shortbread using icing sugar ready to bake

shortbread using caster sugar ready to bake (I accidentally cut these
a lot larger)

both shortbreads cooked, caster sugar in front, confectioners sugar at

I did a taste test. While the icing sugar mixture was much drier and
tending to crack when rolled, necessitating squeezing it at the sides
to eliminate the cracks, it was much nicer than the caster sugar
The icing sugar shortbread was buttery, melt in the mouth smoothness.
The caster sugar batch was more brittle to the bite, but not as
appealing in the mouth. I'd definitley stick to icing sugar in future.

Kathy in NZ, after the taste test, in the service of science:

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