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Default I am not married and I can cook- does that make me wierd.

On 9/27/2011 2:10 PM, Jerry Avins wrote:
On Sep 27, 10:23 am, Nancy [email protected] wrote:

If I want someone to just go along with everything I say, I'll get
a dog.

You must be a really good dog trainer.

Weeell, I'm no Cesar Millan! Heh.

My dog isn't exactly a pushover
when she wants something. This morning at breakfast, she started
lifting my elbow with her snout, a sure sign that she wants something.
She knows she won't get fed at table, so I eventually relented and got
up (I was done eating) to see what she wanted. She immediately pranced
toward the front door, doing a good imitation of a Lipizzaner. I said
to her -- this is a quote -- "If you trouble to look, you'll see that
I'm barefoot." She turned right around and headed to the bedroom,
presumably to supervise.

So funny. Dogs make me laugh.

We had a nice walk. She does everything I
tell her to provided I don't tell her to do things she won't (like
sit, stay).

I found that success is assured if you pick the right dog. I had
a wire fox terrier named Rascal. One day Ron was going out to get
the papers and I said Rascal, make yourself useful, you go get the
papers. She zoomed out to the paper, picked it up and ran it back
into the house. Okay. Well, there's another paper. Zoom, she ran
out and got the other paper. Observant little wench. When people
ask how I taught her that trick, I'd shrug modestly. (laugh)


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Default I am not married and I can cook- does that make me wierd.

On Tue, 27 Sep 2011 10:23:39 -0400, Nancy Young [email protected] wrote:

On 9/27/2011 10:00 AM, Lou Decruss wrote:
On Tue, 27 Sep 2011 09:40:53 -0400, Nancy [email protected] wrote:

On 9/27/2011 4:40 AM, Nad wrote:

I have heard from others: in order to have a happy and argument free
marriage the male needs to remember just two words..."Yes Dear".

That sounds like a big bore and I don't know anyone like that who
is happily married. Maybe you're the opposite, you have problems
because you're the one who wants everything your way? Heh.

We're not married but we've been together longer than many stay
married. We pick our battles and most of the time the stuff isn't
really very important. No doormat personalities here and I agree with
you it would be boring any other way.

Really, it's the same here. It's not perfect but it's not worth
arguing about. When it is, it's because it's an ongoing thing
that needs to be settled.

Settled or reach a compromise. When we met we had three
over-furnished places between us. We had a Brady Bunch thing going on
with three teenagers. The kids are all in their mid+ 20's (and gone)
and we're down to a three bedroom apartment. We've got way too much
stuff and it's a battle for me to get rid of some of it. I could call
1-800-junk and be done with it but I think it's something we can
slowly work through. I'd rather live in a more Spartan environment
but If I have to overlook a few things I'll do that. She does more
for me.

If I want someone to just go along with everything I say, I'll get
a dog.

There are people who seek out a partner to take as an emotional
hostage. Few things annoy me more than when I ask a woman a question
and her husband answers.

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Default I am not married and I can cook- does that make me wierd.

"Doug Freyburger" wrote in message
Who_me? wrote:

What man needs bottles washed?

Home brewers.

Hot Sauce makers . I can easily run 6 dozen 5 oz. bottles through the wash

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