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Mark Thorson 24-01-2007 04:40 AM

NOKA Chocolate Offers Tips For Appreciating Fine Chocolate
Quoting from:

"DALLAS, TX -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 12, 2007 -- NOKA Chocolate,
ranked '#1 luxury chocolate in the world' by the food editors of
TASTE, is offering a unique suggestion for Valentine's Day gift
giving: less is more. Just as a fine wine must be savored to be
fully appreciated, indulging in small amounts of the finest
single-estate dark chocolate truffles and chocolates offers
a sensual tasting experience that can fill this Valentine's Day
with magical moments and memories."

ARF ARF ARF !!! The smallest amount and spending the most
for it!

"Under the guidance of NOKA Chocolatier, Katrina Merrem, NOKA's
mission is to build appreciation for high-quality, unadulterated
chocolate by using couverture made from the rarest cacao sourced
from exclusive plantations around the world. These single-estate
chocolates and truffles reveal the terroir, reflecting the
distinctive, exciting characteristics of where the cacao was

ARF ARF ARF !!! Buying it, remelting it, and casting it
(poorly tempered) into your own small molds! Reflecting
the terroir of the strip mall and hair salons where
NOKA chocolate is "made".

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