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Default DR. Pfeifer, Dra Bivins, patented formulas in the USA , used by doctors to control the diabetes

CHROMIUM(chromate) for
more information:
One of the most promising nutrient links to
diabetes may be chromium, Dr. Pfeifer reports.
"Chromium is a the major mineral involved in
insulin production. Several studies indicate a deficiency
in this mineral may contribute to insulin
resistance as well as elevated levels of serum
triglycerides and cholesterol."
The average American receives just a quarter to a
third of the recommended 200-290 mcg of chromium
each day. Supplementation with chromium,
especially ****chromium polynicotinate (chromate)-- which is
considered the truest form of chromium and is
used widely in Relėv products - is highly recom-mended
for both diabetics and as a preventative
measure, Dr. Pfeifer adds.
Antioxidant therapy also plays a crucial role in
diabetes treatment. In addition to preventing free
radical damage, antioxidants have other far-reach-ing
benefits. In one trial, blood sugar levels dropped
substantially for nearly a third of the diabetic test
subjects after they supplemented with 120 mg of
Co Q10 per day, Dr. Pfeifer says.
Alpha-Lipoic acid, another powerful natural
antioxidant, is widely used in GERMANY as an
approved treatment for diabetic neuropathies.
"It also improves blood sugar metabolism, reduces
glycosylation of proteins, improves blood flow to
peripheral nerves and actually stimulating the
regeneration of nerve fibers," Dr. Pfeifer notes.
One other powerhouse in the management of
insulin glucose levels is soy protein. "Soy provides
a high quality, extremely low fat protein source
that reduces the need for insulin and increases
insulin receptor sensitivity. Soy also protects
kidney function and can actually reverse damage
that has already occurred," Dr. Bivins says.
"The second exciting finding is that soy is a
'hot burning' food that actually boosts our thyroid
hormones," Dr. Pfeifer adds. "Proteins like soy and
complex carbohydrates like fiber are not easily
stored as fat. These 'hot burners' tell your body
it has plenty of food so it's alright to go ahead
and spend energy. On the contrary, 'slow burner'
foods, like candy bars and fried foods, include
high concentrations of fat and carbohydrates
together. Slow burners dampen your metabolism
and push large quantities of fat and carbohydrates
into storage."

Fiber plays a dual role, as well. In addition to
enhancing blood sugar control through its normal-izing
effects on insulin release, fiber also plays a
crucial role in weight loss. "Studies in the use of
fiber supplements during weight loss showed that,
not only does fiber make you feel more full, it also
reduces the number of calories absorbed by 30-180
calories per day," Dr. Pfeifer points out. "Over the
course of a year, that can add up to a 3-18 pound
weight loss. And in the case of Type 2 diabetes,
weight control is crucial. That's why I always tell
my patients that when it comes to diabetes and
the benefits of fiber, make a goal of 30 grams of
fiber per day, using both foods and supplements."
Supplementation with the right nutrients can help
reverse the effects of the poor lifestyle choices we've
made so far. But it's only part of the answer.
"Weight management is key," Dr. Bivins says.
"Optimally, you want to stay within 10% of your
ideal body weight. And that requires a change
to a low-carbohydrate, fiber-rich diet that emphasizes
fresh fruits and vegetables and whole foods. Studies
show that during the first year following a diabetes
diagnosis, life expectancy increases three to four
months for every two pounds lost. The loss of just
a few pounds can literally add years to your life.
"Exercise is another important part of the equa-tion,"
Dr. Bivins continues. "Thirty minutes a day
of aerobic exercise upregulates insulin receptors,
allowing your body to use insulin more effectively."
"Diabetes is not a given," Dr. Bivins concludes.
"We face an epidemic of massive proportions
right now, but it's not a situation we have to live
with. By making smart choices, we can change
the course."

For more information send me e-mail:

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