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Pete Romfh 07-01-2006 05:20 AM

REC: Maple Spiced Apples
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Maple Spiced Apple (Diabetic)

Tangy, spicy, sweet and it won't wreck your meal plan. Try this in roast
pork or chicken.

Recipe By: Pete Romfh
Serving Size: 4
Cuisine: American
Main Ingredient: Apples
Categories: Low Sugar, Diabetic, Vegetarian, Low Fat, Kid Friendly, Sauté,
Simple - Easy, Sauces, Condiments

-= Ingredients =-
1 large Tart Apple ; - Granny Smith or Gala
1 teaspoon Olive oil
1 tablespoon Lemon Juice ; -About 1/2 a small lemon
1/2 teaspoon Lemon Zest
1 teaspoon Cinnamon ; - ground
2 tablespoons sugar free maple syrup

-= Instructions =-
Core and thinly slice the apple (about 1/4 inch slices). Squeeze the lemon
juice and peel off a small amount of rind. Carefully slice away the white
pith leaving mainly the colored portion of the peel. Very finely dice this
skin. Or use a zester to cut off fine strips of peel.

Place the EVOO in a warm pan then add the apples and sauté them gently for a
couple of minutes. Sprinkle the cinnamon over the apples then add the lemon
zest. After another minute or so they should start to lightly brown. Add the
lemon juice (this will stop the browning) and remove the pan from the heat.
Add the maple syrup, mix and allow to cool slightly.

Spoon this over grilled or roasted pork. It's also good on chicken.
The sauce may be stored a few days in the refrigerator and warmed prior to
The recipe doubles nicely if you need more.

Each (1/4 cup) serving contains and estimated:
Cals: 34, FatCals: 11, Total Fat: 1g
SatFat: 0g, polyFat: 0g, MonoFat: 1g
Chol: 0mg, Ma: 13mg, K: 44mg
TotCarbs: 6g, Fiber: 1g, Sugars: 3g
NetCarbs: 5g, Prot: 0g

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Pete Romfh, Telecom Geek & Amateur Gourmet.
promfh (at) hal-pc (dot) org

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