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Julie Bove[_2_] 28-01-2013 10:27 AM

Sugar Free French Toast Casserole
I made this tonight and Angela loved it. Of course if you're after a low
carb recipe, you'd have to use a low carb bread to make it. Or just eat a
tiny bit. I did use an egg product instead of eggs in the shell and I also
added a few drops of natural maple flavoring. Not sure where I got that
from. It's dark and thick. Not like extract. Angela ate a small piece of
this with sugar free syrup. And yes, I know that on the South Beach diet
this isn't something one would normally eat as a snack but... She has been
really sick and hasn't been eating much at all for about a week. So we're
not going to worry about that! At least she is coughing a lot less and her
tissue usage has slowed down. She did sleep for most of the day though.
And here's the recipe:

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