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Default Beyond Meat chicken substitute

"Billy" wrote in message
In article ,
"Julie Bove" wrote:

"W. Baker" wrote in message
basilisk wrote:

: http://beyondmeat.com/products/

: This might be useful, I haven't tried the product,
: it is low carb for a meat substitute.

: basilisk

: --
: A wink is as good as a nod to a blind horse

For reasons of not mixing meat and milk in a recipe for religious
I occaionally use a meat substitute, but not often a dairy one, such as
soy or almond milk. I find the Trader Joe's Beefless beef good in
dishes as it adds a good, meaty texture. I used it last in a moussaka
arecipe as I was tired of the dairy substitutes and wanted real dairy,
it worked out well. If ou have no religious, allergic or vegetarian
reason for using these, I see no reason to just use them.

I see no reason to use them period! There are plenty of things that are
meat that are actually good tasting, whole foods.

I did buy Boca burgers in the past. They did taste good and we ate a lot
them. That was before I realized how bad soy was for the thyroid. You
couldn't pay me to eat them now. Once in a while I will buy Sunshine
Burgers. They're made of beans but not soybeans. I actually haven't
any in a while. While I do like them, it is cheaper just to buy some
and eat those. And I'm not picky like that. I'd just as soon eat the
straight from the can.

Salt and all?

I don't eat the liquid from the can. I do not buy the low sodium because
they don't taste good to me. I have tried to rinse them but I find that to
be really nasty. It causes a lot of foam to come off of the beans and you
have to use sooo much water until they stop foaming, it's hardly worth it.
I don't notice a taste difference in doing that. I have never had a problem
with overly salty canned beans until my husband went on a small red bean
kick. He was eating at least a can daily so I really stocked up. At that
point in time, the only ones I could find were the Western Family brand sold
here only at Central Market, a store where I rarely go. Which is why I
stocked up.

And then stopped eat them totally. I decided I may as well eat them so they
didn't go to waste. But they were soooo salty I just couldn't stand them.
My husband always adds a ton of salt to his food and has only ever once
complained of food being too salty. That was when I cooked some fresh green
beans and had an accident with the salt. It was many years ago now. I
don't remember the particulars. I tried to do damage control but I did warn
him that they might be too salty. But he didn't listen and salted them
anyway. Sadly I ruined Angela on eating fresh beans because they were just
that bad.

What I wound up doing with the small red beans was to drain them really well
then add them to some Spanish rice. I did not add any additional salt to
the rice. Or I would add them to soup. And then they were fine.

I have to think that when I got those beans there was some sort of screw up
when they canned them. Because I have bought them since and they were not
like that.

I have bought several brands of organic canned beans because I do wish I
could eat organic all the time. But they were just not very good. They
either tasted like there was no salt at all in them or they were pretty
mushy. I recently bought some boxed beans from Whole Foods. Bad, bad, bad.
They were very expensive too! I have one box left and I intend to put them
in soup. Maybe they won't seem so bad that way.

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Old 03-09-2012, 02:38 PM posted to alt.food.diabetic
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Default Beyond Meat chicken substitute

On Sat, 1 Sep 2012 20:23:06 -0700, Julie Bove wrote:

"Janet Wilder" wrote in message
On 9/1/2012 10:48 AM, basilisk wrote:


This might be useful, I haven't tried the product,
it is low carb for a meat substitute.


What's wrong with organic chicken?

Well, it's meat. Apparently he or she thinks we are looking for a meat
substitute. I don't think he or she will find any takers here.

Nor did I expect to. It was posted merely for awareness sake and comment.

Personally, I eat very little processed foods and this is about as
processed as it gets.

However, I can see that someone with very specific dietary requirements
might find this useful.

Oh, I'm a he btw.

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Old 04-09-2012, 05:05 AM posted to alt.food.diabetic
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Default Beyond Meat chicken substitute

In article , "Julie Bove"

"Billy" wrote in message
In article , "Julie Bove"

"basilisk" wrote in message

spam link snipped

This might be useful, I haven't tried the product, it is low carb for a
meat substitute.

Why would anyone need a meat substitute? I don't eat a lot of meat
because frankly I don't like it. And yes I have been on a vegan diet. I
eat beans. Not soy beans. I don't think those are a healthy thing to eat.
And I sure don't want *my* meat substitute to look or taste like meat.
Cuz... There's a reason I don't eat it. Yep.

Odd thing about vegan diets, you have to eat B12. I find it strange that a
perfect diet needs a supplement.

Nutritional yeast is a good source of B12 and vegan nut cheeses are often
made with it. I don't make them any more but when Angela could eat potatoes
I would do stuffed potatoes with a lot of it mixed in. Also olive oil, salt,
pepper and green onions. We loved them and it made for a good, filling cheap
meal. We would usually have some raw veggies along with it.

you mean you actually found a reason to use a meat substitute for your daughter
but don't understand why anyone would need it?
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Old 04-09-2012, 05:08 AM posted to alt.food.diabetic
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Default Beyond Meat chicken substitute

In article , "Julie Bove"

I don't really know too much about religious food things because I am just
not religious. But I do know that I would never be seeking out a meat
substitute for any reason.

but you have a Jewish friend and that seemed to be enough reason to assert that
because he ate Roman Meal bread it must be dairy free. Maybe you should get your
Jewish friend to explain to you why you are wrong
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I sometime have veggie bean burgers (not soy) vegetable fingers and quorn stuff instead of meat. My friend is vegetarian and she come over for dinner at least once a week so we all eat veggie, I wouldn't like to have meat dishes when she is here, plus eating meat 7 day a week is not good for you or clever!!

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