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Evelyn 19-10-2010 11:26 AM

New fish in the supermarket
I was in Shop Rite this past week and noticed some frozen fish filets of a
kind I had never seen before. It is apparently a member of the catfish
family called "Shai" fish. They are farm raised, and the fillets are nice
firm white fish. I pan sauteed them, and they were delicious.

This is what I did;

Thawed them out completely first.
Dipped the thawed fillet into seasoned flour,
Then into beaten egg to completely coat them.
Sauteed them in hot olive oil first one side till lightly browned, then the

They were very good, and very inexpensive too.

Best Regards,

In the stony fastness of the mountains there is a strange market, where one
may barter the vortex of life for boundless bliss. - Milarepa

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