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Aaron[_2_] 04-07-2009 08:01 PM

Tried Truvia, not impressed
I remember all the arguments back and forth about stevia, and I'm not
trying to start that argument.

However, I used a newspaper coupon to buy Truvia at a decent price to
give it a try. And like my subject line says, I am unimpressed.

To MY taste buds it was not sweet.

I tried it first in iced tea, nothing, nada, zip.

I moistened my finger tip and tried a smidge* - again zero sweetness

So much for Truvia.

*I could not resist the comparison to the TV cops finding a package of
powdered substance, moistening their fingertip, touching it to their
tongue and saying..."It tastes like anthrax." :)


I'm glad my Mom named me Aaron,
That's what everybody calls me.

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