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Default Brewing Temperature Test, Black and Decker Brew 'N Go, One-Cup DripCo

I think I've got a kitchen sink drain that is not likely to easily get
clogged any time soon. After the Melitta IBS-10S gave it two sink pots in
one afternoon, I pulled out test victim number 4.

This is another one of those two-dollar acquisitions from a local thrift
shop, I'd never pay $20 or $30 for this mostly-plastic thing. Since I have
good 16-ounce capacity double-walled stainless steel travel mugs, some with
genuinely leak-proof tops, (when they are closed, of course), I can't even
bring myself to appreciate the Black and Deaker Brew 'N Go's double-walled
tapered 16-ounce-capacity plastic travel mug.

I pulled the victim out of storage and ran full-capacity brew of plain water
through the machine. The temp in the cup after all slurping, sputtering,
and sighing had stopped, was around 170 degrees according to my little
testing thermometer. That's not an encourraging sign.
I actually like the fact that this machine has a real showerhead style spout
at its business end, with seven open holes, arranged in a nice patter so
that every spurt of water will completely cover the surface of the ground
coffee in its nylon mesh no. 2 Melitta-style filter cone. It's a simple
thing: a 16-ounce-capacity tapered travel mug designed to fit comfortably
in the standard cup holders found in most cars, trucks, and SUV's sold in
the U.S. in the past few years. The handle is one of those soft, slightly
springy, and slightly tacky-feeling rubbery things that gained some
popularity on all sorts of things that required you interface with it by
holding it by a handle some time around two or three years ago.

Running this test, the machine is nice and warm, since it has already brewed
a cup of hot water. It is not starting from room-temperature cold, so we'll
let it start with at least one foot out of the starting blocks, mind you,
not that it's actually competing with anything in any sort of a race for

The air temperature is a bit warm in the kitchen, 82.5 degrees.
The temperature in the pile of coffee in the filter inside the basket is,
814.5 degrees.
The water tank is a little bit warm from the previous hot water brewing.
After pouring the water into the tank, i get a thermometer reading of 81.5

I hit the brew switch just as the stopwatch calls out, 5 seconds.

10 seconds, pumping start, 85.7 degrees
20 seconds, 91 degrees
30 seconds, 175.1 degrees
40 seconds, 177.9 degrees
50 seconds, 177 degrees
1 minute, 187.7 degrees
1 minute 5 seconds, 191.2 degrees
1 minute 10 seconds, 192 seconds
1 minute 20 seconds, 191 degrees
1 minute 30 seconds, 189 degrees
1 minute 37 seconds, 179 degrees
1 minute 45 seconds, 190.4 degrees
1 minute 51 seconds, 190.9 degrees
2 minutes, 191.8 degrees
2 minutes 11 seconds, 190.3 degrees
2 minutes 19 seconds, 190.8 degrees
2 minutes 26 seconds, 192 degrees
2 minutes 31 seconds, pumping activity is much faster
2 minutes 41 seconds, 193.1 degrees
2 minutes 47 seconds, heavy steam production
2 minutes 52 seconds, more steam, heavy sputtering, 194.1 degrees
2 minutes 58 seconds, pumping slows, gurgling and slurping increase
3 minutes 2 seconds, 194.7.3 degrees
3 minutes 21 seconds, 196.3 degrees
3 minutes 28 seconds, 196.7 degrees
3 minutes 36 seconds, machine noises slowing considerably, heavy steam,
196.7 degrees
3 minutes 44 seconds, lots of steam, 198.4 degrees
3 minutes 53 seconds, machine noises almost stopped, 198.2 degrees
4 minutes 4 seconds, still some steam, 198.6 degrees
4 minutes 13 seconds, 198.6 degrees
4 minutes 33 seconds, 198.2 degrees
4 minutes 35 seconds, 193.5 degrees, water still dripping from basket

Thermometer wiped clean of coffee grounds and transferred to topless mug:
4 minutes 49 seconds, 175.3 degrees
5 minutes, 175.7 degrees
5 minutes 6 seconds, 175.4 degrees
5 minutes 13 seconds, 175.3 degrees
5 minytes 27 seconds, 174.6 degrees
5 minutes 33 seconds, 174.1 degrees
5 minutes 441 seconds, 174 degrees
5 minutes 53 seconds 173.5 degrees
5 minutes 56 seconds, 173.6 degrees
6 minutes 7 seconds, 173 degrees

Lid is placed on the cup, only about 1/3 of the length of the thermometer's
probe fits through the narrow slit in the lid, and is held against the side
of the cup:
7 minutes 28 seconds, 169.6 degrees
7 minutes 37 seconds, 169.3 degrees
7 minutes 50 seconds, 169.3 degrees
8 minutes, 162.7 degrees Fahrenheit.

The coffee was a sink drink. It's just not worth trying to find an optimal
combination of coffee-to-water ratio, and fineness of grind to get a good
cup of coffee from this little machine. I have actually come close a time
or three, but this was not one of those times.

Don't laugh! It out-tempted the much larger and much more expensive Melitta
IBS-10S, for whatever that's worth, and that ain't much!

Brent Reynolds, Atlanta, GA USA
Email: Phone: 1-404-814-0768
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