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[email protected] 24-10-2016 10:07 PM

styrofoam cups & tooth pain
On Friday, June 17, 1994 at 9:22:40 PM UTC-7, Jennifer Baum wrote:
Has this ever happened to anyone else? Everyone I know thinks I am
completely insane -- but: I can't drink coffee out of styrofoam cups,
because (i believe) I have so much dental work, theres some wierd thing
that happens in my mouth, almost like an electrical charge or a chemical tastes gross. I can't drink *anything* out of styrofoam
cups, actually, but coffee is what I drink most out of cups.

Anybody else hate styrofoam cups?

I thought it was just me and i actually thought it was the water, but now that i think about it, all the times I've had this awful sensation it was from a Styrofoam cup!! I would ask family members or friends and nope, I was the only one experiencing this.

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