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Donaldli Mark Ingalls April 22 1969 27-10-2015 11:16 PM

Donaldli Ingalls and Sandra Bullock are married
Just a reminder Washington DC and Los Angeles...
Sandra Bullock and Donaldli Ingalls are married.

Sandra is not dating anyone.

I wanted her to be allowed to do anything. I love her more than
anyone. She pretty much has done whatever she has wanted
to do for the last 43 years.

I only asked her recently to stop acting as though she were
dating other men.

I love Sandra so much I'd much rather see her do something
with me all of the time or Matthew McConaughey again in 2
more movies.

Matthew has been my best friend for the last 43 years and
he is the greatest best friend I have ever had.

Matthew prays his butt off all of the time and Matthew would
never do anything to hurt either Sandra or Donaldli.

Tate Donovan was a friend of Sandra's when she was in high school
in Virginia and Tate ended up doing a lot of what he never expected
to do with Sandra or in show business.

Sandra has been quite demanding and is one of the most important
persons in show business.

I still want her to be allowed to do anything she wants...This dating thing
she's been doing could be fun for her and makes her look young.

I'd rather she not do this any longer.

And if I were home i'd tell Sandra. Sandy, you are so young for
your age and there is nothing wrong with the way you look whatsoever.

I'd kiss you too if I were home even if you had a huge wart on your
nose baby Button.

Baby Button, Sandra, I love you.

Love your Lizardbreath Donaldli Mark Ingalls

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