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Default Sandra Bullock & Donaldli Ingalls Acting in Gig Harbor

Sandra Annette Bullock (July 26, 1964)
Donaldli Mark Ingalls (April 22, 1969)

Sandy is my:

Very Best Friend
Girl Friend Button (her nickname I gave her in 1972)

I love her with every breath in my lungs.

I love her with all the blood in my veins.

I definitely love her more than the Austin Police Department and the

I love her more than the LAPD.

I love her more than the SeaTac Airport Police in Seattle Washington.

And I definitely love her more than the hamburgers and french fries at
Johnny Rockets in Beverly Hills California.

I love her more than the 3 actors who handcuffed me in Beverly Hills
at the Old Navy Store in 1987
and scared the crap out of me for a few minutes. Even though those 3
were actually very nice
people I later discovered.

I love her more than the headaches I get sometimes. The headaches I
have are bad because they are not the headaches she gives me. Those
headaches she gives me are the best because they
are from her and only from her. I especially like the ones when I get
when we are together even though I keep messing up.

I love her so much I have the entire world in the palm of my hand.
And the entire world
is watching me send my love across the largest network of computers we
all have access to.
The Internet pales in comparison to her with all of its electronic
nuts and bolts that don't seem
to matter much where the life of the most beautiful human being is

She is more beautiful than the blue and gold ribbons that were hanging
in the Beverly Center in Beverly Hills years ago. Those ribbons are
not there now but they were very beautiful. I love
her more than those ribbons she and her sister Gesine hung there for

Sandy Bullock & Donaldli
Thursday, April 26, 2007 5:02 AM
From: "Lampinski, Megan M."
To: "Thomas Clifford" Yes, this is me, I use
my 1/2 brother's name on this Yahoo account.

Thank you for your contact to the FBI Philadelphia.

Based on the information you provided, there does not seem to be an
FBI nexus. Please contact the authorities in Austin for further

Good luck.

See, here is just about every FBI email address in the country (United
States of course...)
If I were a delusional freak...Would I still be walking around after 6
years of sending out
50,000 emails and posting hundreds of public messages??? No...So,
would someone please
yell at Sandy and tell her I am still acting my butt off here in Gig
Harbor Washington State...And
I need her. And tell her to bring Matthew and his family and Gesine
and her family too...As
I have not seen either of them in a long while too.

From: Thomas Clifford ]
Sent: Thu 4/26/2007 6:44 AM
To: ; Phoenix; San Diego FBI; ; WFO
MAIL; Jacksonville; Miami; Tampa Division;
Springfield; Baltimore; Minneapolis;
; StLouis;
; ; ; Buffalo;
; Cleveland.CV;
; ; ;
; C1.SLC; Norfolk; Richmond; Applicants.Richmond;
Bristol.RH; Charlottesville.RH; Fredericksburg.RH; Lynchburg.RH;
Roanoke.RH; Winchester.RH
Subject: Sandy Bullock & Donaldli Ingalls

I want to talk to Sandy now!

I tried calling my wife in Austin several times and no
one seems to care to give Sandy any messages to call
me back.

Donaldli Mark Ingalls

Sandra Bullock & Donaldli Ingalls FBI Tried To Help Me, Donaldli

Today: December 2, 2011 19:23 PST

I contacted several authorities in Austin.

This was in 2007 and recently I have done so

again and also reminded everyone everywhere that

I want everyone everywhere to make Sandy feel

special while I am acting here in Washington State.

I need everyone I can get in order to come back

to show business.

Love, Donaldli Mark Ingalls April 22, 1969

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