Coffee ( Discussing coffee. This includes selection of brands, methods of making coffee, etc. Discussion about coffee in other forms (e.g. desserts) is acceptable.

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Default 06-07 morning coffee feed

## 2011-06-07, Tuesday

### 07:29

[Drive Home and Smell the Coffee][1] [[Five Senses Coffee][2]]


A lot of people are deciding to do more Internet shopping these days. Whether
their motivation is the value of the Aussie dollar, the convenience of
shopping in their jocks, or simply the plethora of options that online
shopping provides, purchasing goods on the net is hot right now, and coffee is
no exception.

In the olden days, the best way to buy coffee was to ride into town and visit
your local grocer. You'd scoop a month's worth of roasted beans from a 40
gallon drum or open hessian sack, and pay for it by bartering a side of beef,
or maybe even your first born. This coffee was then probably transported in a
burlap sack, on the back of your horse, for at least an hour, come rain or
shine. Next, your coffee was brought inside the home (or maybe left out in the
barn), still exposed to the elements, and consumed, as needed, until the dry
goods ran dry and you were forced to make another trip to town.

Later, as grocers became more advanced, you could find a pre-packaged product
on your grocer's shelves, conveniently portioned and seemingly more fresh. But
as time went on and consumers became more conscious of misleading "expiration"
dates, one could begin to notice that coffee on the shelf of the supermarket
was usually scattered about and thoroughly picked over, leaving the rest to
oxidise and become stale. Good for the guy who got there on delivery day; not
so good for the once-a-month Saturday shopper.

There has always been evidence that coffee goes stale a few weeks after its
roast, but it wasn't until the emergence of the Internet that consumers were
able to conveniently purchase a variety of coffees fresh out of the roaster,
at a competitive price, and have it rushed to their door within a few days.
Ordering online meant it was no longer necessary to drive to the grocer just
to check if he even had fresh coffee. Let alone becoming aware that you were
paying a retailer mark-up for the privilege. Not only is it more convenient to
order from the web, but you also have a greater variety than that which is
available at the store. Retailers mostly stock generic coffees that are
available most of the time. When you visit our website, however, you are
exposed to a wider array of delectable options, ranging from seasonal single
origins and reserves, to limited edition blends.

Furthermore, when you order your coffee from the 5 Senses' website, you can
rest easy knowing that we will deliver to you anywhere in the country. If you
happen to be one of those people who still make a once-monthly trip to the
store because you live so deep in the bush that it takes two hours just to
reach a decent grocer, you too can still get fresh roasted coffee straight to
your door by buying online. And if you live close to a metro location, many
times you will see your order the very next day! Once your order is placed, it
goes through processing before delivery, so if it's a super fast delivery
you're after, be sure to order as early in the day/week as possible.

While there still may be something romantic about a journey to the grocer with
you and your Sheila riding double, both of you filled with the anticipation of
fresh coffee and beans, there is something even sexier about pulling into the
driveway after a long day away, and seeing your beloved coffee waiting
faithfully at your door. Plus, it will be as fresh as humanly possible. Can
you smell it already? Get yours [here][4].

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[How to Spruce up your Super Auto][12] [[Five Senses Coffee][2]]


Here at 5 Senses, we get a lot of questions from folks wanting to know how to
get a decent cup of coffee from their super automatic coffee machines. And
when duty calls, we've got your back. Just let it be known that we are in no
way condoning this machine - it will never give you the best result in the
cup. Nevertheless, we do realise that it is the most convenient, hence
popular, choice for work places servicing many staff and having numerous
operators. So let's take a look at how you can make the most out of your super
automatic machine.

#### 1) Make the shot length the shortest it can go.

This will give you the maximum 'good' flavour you're after in your shot. Don't
confuse a long shot and the bitterness that comes with it with "strength". If
it's maximum caffeine you want, run through the entire shot process twice, or
even three times! Hmmm, maybe not that much! Whatever you decide, don't settle
for watery, bitter espresso.

#### 2) Make the dose setting the highest it can go, or give it the maximum
grind time.

Simply put, more coffee = more coffee. This will give your shot the most
opportunity to get as much real coffee extraction as possible.

#### 3) Set the grind to its optimal setting.

Because the grind is on a timed setting, coarsening the grind will actually
give you a larger dosage of coffee, which may seem the most optimal. However,
the finer you can grind on these machines, the better it will be for the
actual extraction. You may need to play around with this step a bit. Start by
setting the grind the finest it can go. You want shots to pour as slowly, and
with as dark a colour as possible. If you are not getting this result, try
moving a notch in the coarser direction until the desired results are

Be aware that setting the grind to the max coarseness may overload the device,
as you'll be pushing the machine very close to its dosage limit. Therefore,
setting your machine to its maximum coarseness is FAR from the optimal

#### 4) Use quality filtered water

The water you use is almost as important as the beans. I think of it as
cooking with supermarket brand oil compared to that gourmet stuff you get in
the fancy shops. Once you actually taste the difference, there's really no
other option. Plus your machine will like it more and should be less
susceptible to problematic scaling. The easiest and cheapest way to get your
hands on quality filtered water is to use one of those Brita water jugs.

We hope this helps a bit, and that you begin to see an improvement in your
cup. Of course, if you are still not satisfied with the result, and unable to
convince your boss to fit a single group Synesso into next year's budget, we
recommend getting a Baratza for your desktop and a Clever Coffee Dripper for
your drawer. We know people who do this and claim that it has given new
meaning to their morning routine. Three words of advice: charge for coffee!
People will smell your filter brewing and form a line at your desk. Seriously.

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[Zekka Offers New Lease on Life][20] [[Five Senses Coffee][2]]


I've always felt I could quite excel at being a lady of leisure - just ask my
husband, he'll tell you. Maybe that's why I consider reviewing cafes to be one
of the greatest perks of my job at 5 Senses Coffee. Therefore I suppose it
should have come as no surprise that my first visit to Zekka left me with the
feeling of utter joy and contentment. After all, it's not often that one visit
to a cafe can alter your current perspective on life.

While "fashionable" is an adjective that has never been used to describe this
Midwestern American, even a jeans and t-shirt girl can appreciate that, from a
design point of view, Zekka is a very special place. If you have never been to
Zekka, not only is it an ultra cool cafe in the heart of the CBD, but it is
also a high end men's boutique. And when I say cool, I don't mean Louis
Vuitton or bust, I simply mean that this place is friendly, serene and as laid
back as they come.

The day I visited Zekka, I just happened to be on day three of a migraine
headache. As I plodded through the city, every noise was magnified and my
sunnies were non-negotiable. But as I walked into Zekka, a refreshing cool
breeze joined me in the corridor, and the gentle sound of Fleet Foxes (one of
my favourites) was heard playing in the background. I could feel the pressure
in my head alleviate almost immediately.

As my lunch companion and I approached the counter, we were welcomed by a
rustically modern decor that was highlighted with a charmingly simple mix of
fresh and dried flowers. A very large and masculine wooden sculpture caught
our attention, as did the antique bookshelf lined with fashion and design
magazines. What was first assumed to be a very high ceiling with a skylight
overhead was quickly discovered to be complete open sky. It was as if a few
old, brick buildings had converged to form a secret courtyard in the city;
truly unique and absolutely fantastic on this gorgeous autumn afternoon.

My lunch date and I mutually confessed that we had never tried iced coffee,
and we agreed that this was the appropriate time and place to lose our
innocence. We ordered a couple of salads to counteract the effects of the ice
cream, and we also decided to share a sandwich consisting of ham, salami,
eggplant and olive tapenade. I'd say it's worth noting that eggplant is the
only known vegetable in the universe that I'd rather starve than consume, but
on this day it was a surprising textural delight. All the food at Zekka is
made on the premises and our corresponding Greek and nicoise-style salads were
some of the best I've seen. While our coffee order was more of the dessert
variety, Zekka proudly offers filter coffee and brews cold drip daily,
alternating their single origins regularly.

As I left Zekka that day, I practically had a new zest for life. While that
sounds a bit dramatic, I can attest that my headache had disappeared and I had
a new respect for eggplant - both huge breakthroughs in my book. But possibly
I had just simply taken a moment to enjoy conversation with a friend, the
beauty of my surroundings and the indulgence of a world class coffee. Ah,
sweet leisure€¦what's not to love?


76 king St.

Perth 6000

Hours of operation

Mon-Fri 7am-5pm

Sat. 8am-4pm

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[Link][28] [[Intelligentsia Coffee: RSS][29]]

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Great! thank you very much. Nice share with us

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