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Sarah Ehrett 27-12-2009 08:46 PM

Laser Quest Resumes immediately
On Dec 27, 1:34*pm, (Mad as a Box of Frogs)
In article ,
Sarah Ehrett wrote:

On Dec 26, 9:24*pm, Lamey the Cable Guy wrote:
On Sun, 27 Dec 2009 01:15:11 +0000 (UTC), (Mad
as a Box of Frogs) wrote:

Noble Britons and cunning Canucks, gather thee back to the fire.
Morally bankrupt Americans and the Irish - take your chairs,
In the rows well behind. Most Australian and your exhiled lot,
sparing a few®, shall join hands where it's standing, back behind the pot.
(and be thankful for that!)

For now is the time, to resume at the page with that folded corner,
Where we last left off.

You will recall with warm regard,
Our friends with toaster ovens shoved up their ass. *
You may affectionately wonder what the outcome may be,
for obese crooks caught concealing their weapons. *

What is in store for that horrid lot,
That spent their break, wondering wot...?
Their fate will be - and how they will manage,
To settle the suit, and control the damage.

The infant of '10 bawls for relief,
From filthing and frogging and identity thief.
What lies ahead for many I'm sure,
Is hellish with laughter, if that be the cure.

Not a surprise this chapter we start,
Will inspire and fire some words from the heart.
For this book to be written, I'm really not shittin',
We need to return to the source - .
To a time when news, and important reviews
Took precedent over the force. --

Back to the battle, and oh that great tattle
Of courage and wit with no bland...
'tis Newsnet time, and however sublime,
Mine is the mightiest gland.

Merry Xmas to you too.

Aside for Anton - the "toaster oven" reference came from the new improved
Hatter some time ago, who apparently had one stuck where it shouldn't
have been.

From what I recall reading, Mad Hatter wanted the toaster oven up in
his ass, but was asking how long he could leave it up there without
doing damage to it because he wanted to use it for his bagels.

I have a pine cone stuck in my pussy. *

Newfie deodorant.

Oh no! I don't *want* to change the scent of my pussy! It starts
smelling really fragrant after awhile! I plan to wash it next month.

Used for centuries by my provincial friends in
Newfoundland here in Canada - mostly Irish stock. A pine cone under
each arm gives 24 hour protection.

My new Holiday Eggnog recipe is online!

Got some Christmas lights up there, too.

Twinkle twinkle Sarah......

Defendant Name: * * EHRETT, KENNETH ANDREW

Case Number: * * * *00008221P3Tracking No:0000008221P3
Case Type: *CRIMINAL

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