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Dutchman 16-02-2008 04:02 PM

coffee maker
looking to replace a Krups 6 year old espresso, been very good til' it
stopped. For around the 120 ukp price tag is it best to stay with Krups or
try another make

hotshaperbelt 21-04-2018 06:01 AM

coffee maker
Coffeemakers or coffee machines are cooking appliances used to brew coffee. While there are many different types of coffeemakers using a number of different brewing principles, in the most common devices, coffee grounds are placed in a paper or metal filter inside a funnel, which is set over a glass or ceramic coffee pot, a cooking pot in the kettle family. Cold water is poured into a separate chamber, which is then heated up to the boiling point, and directed into the funnel. This is also called automatic drip-brew.

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