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Bobbie Sellers 01-10-2015 06:24 PM

A delicious lemon accented chocolate bar...
Hi Chocolate Aficionados,

This bar from Chocolate Visions in a yellow wrapper with gold foil
paper wrapping the 100 gram bar and is called Luscious Lemon,

61% Bittersweet Chocolate, Handmade Candied Meyer Lemon Peel
Applewood almonds(pieces) and some Lemon Oil and it all words very
nicely together.

I buy one every few months because good chocolate is not
cheap. It lasts most of a week. It is easily breakable into
smaller pieces

I buy mine from the Fog City News with an excellent selection
of magazines and newspapers as well as chocolate, on the South side
of Market Street between Fremont and First Streets in San Francisco.

You can find out a vendor in your vicinity by contacting:
Chocolate Visions, Inc.
Scotts Valley, CA 95066
phone 831-440-9256 or

Well better write or call them as the site has nothing about the bars
but concentrates on the chocolates that they make up for various events.

I am just a very happy consumer of Luscious Lemon chocolate
bars which makes a very pleasant change from my daily Trader Joe's
72% Bittersweet Pound Plus bar which is excellent for cooking and
entirely suitable for my daily chocolate ration of about 1/3 oz.
And I am just a customer spreading the word about delicious chocolate.

bliss - chocolate powered 'cause coffee is too strong.

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