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Kael 05-06-2005 10:58 PM

I just wanted to thank you all.
I've been lurking here for a looooong time now.

I got a Char Grill, Silver Smoker for my birthday (May) -- and made the
modifications you've all suggested. That done, I stepped into my first
season of "expanded" (beyond offset) barbeque/smoking. Whew! What a rush!

It's very different, but so far, thanks to you all, there have been no
disasters (to-date), and a half-dozen decent (we'd-hope-to-repeat-this)
successes. The "finding the hot spots tip"...? Inspired. Bless you for that!

You guys rock. Thanks SO MUCH for being so willing to share with the
rest of us.

-- take out "the dog" to reply...!

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