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Old 17-02-2005, 10:56 PM
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"Dana H. Myers" wrote in message
Duwop wrote:

My parents just had satellite tv/cable installed and it requires a PC as

interface/modem(!). Is anyone familiar with best practices for security

this set up? I'm thinking a throw away puter to act as the required 1st
layer, with a router between that and the rest of the home network?

doesnt seem to be much literature on this. Maybe the satellite protocols
avoid port sniffing? Doesnt make sense, but............

That's odd and leads me to ask -

I thought so too, didnt want to beleive it, but found a pretty good forum,
which while answering that Q, didnt go into security at all.

So, is the PC required to run some sort of support software,


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Old 17-02-2005, 10:56 PM
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Bob in socal wrote in

You must have lots of time on your hands to go through the
registry manually. I am familiar with the registry, but
damn, so many entries in there I would never want to try
and manually remove something.

Yea, it's a jungle alright.


Not to butt in here. I have a program that I run called
RegCleaner. Here's the link and a descrition. It works
well for me.

With RegCleaner you can easily get rid of those old and
obsolete registry entries created by software that you have
destroyed ages ago.

You donīt have to be an expert to use this program. Note that
this program is not like those other so called registry
cleaners, they search any filenames from registry, then if the
file doesnīt exist anymore they remove the registry key or
value where this filename was.

But RegCleaner shows you the list of software that are
registered in the registry and by checking checkboxes you
select which software you donīt have anymore and RegCleaner
removes all registry created by those programs automatically.

You can also remove start up programs that are started behind
your back and can dramatically decrease your computerīs

To E-mail me, you know what to do.
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Old 18-02-2005, 12:29 AM
Dana H. Myers
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Duwop wrote:
"Dana H. Myers" wrote in message

So, is the PC required to run some sort of support software,


That's just wild!

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Old 18-02-2005, 04:52 AM
Moro Grubb of Little Delving
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"smithfarms pure kona" wrote in message

VERY OT: But between kili and all of you other clever people. I am
looking for some real computer help.TIA!

A bunch of people are abusing my domain address. I get at least 500
spams every morning when I open my computer. They are all "return to
sender" and during the course of a day this goes up to 1000 pieces of
email without exaggeration.

Happened to me too, on my private domain. Reason is that Sendmail and other
mail forwarding software has been enhanced to verify that the "from" address
is valid, before accepting mail. This is done to thwart the spammers who
would fake out return addresses. So now the spammers have to find real
"from" addresses to use, albeit someone else's. So like you, I was getting a
ton of bounces, all with fake usernames

What I did is remove the catch-all setting from my domain mail forwarding
(i.e. anything at would get forwarded to my mailbox). Now only
specific usernames are accepted as legitimate addresses, and everything else
bounces with "unknown recipient". So my domain is effectively useless to
spammers, unless they figure out my real username.

In short, be selective about which usernames at your domain you accept.

As regards spam sent to me, I use K-9 from to flag any detected
incoming spam. Its free, and smart, and you teach it to be smarter whenever
it lets a baddie through. Used it for a couple years now, and it works



M Grubb of Little Delving, Esq.
"You only get to choose what you read, not what I write"

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Old 18-02-2005, 05:10 AM
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"Niki" wrote in message
BigDog wrote:

Thank you BD. I'm always game for those.

Nice, got rid of 1,400 old/invalid/useless registries that other tools never

ty BD

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