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Old 29-12-2015, 05:27 PM posted to alt.idiots,
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Default Nobody will believe this!

Groupkilla wrote:
Sqwertz wrote:
On Mon, 28 Dec 2015 17:46:09 -0800, Julie Bove wrote:

"y entonces, los zopilotes" wrote in message


For cripes sakes woman, he's MOCKING and DERIDING you yet aagin!

Why do you keep going back to him for more????

Being a masochist is highly unhealthy behavior.

Get some help, please.

So is changing your screen name all the time.

Heh. He's even getting beat down by the same people he's trying to
"protect". Nice going Boner!


Let's review what YOU like to do to women, Mr. Steve Wertz of Austin,

You criminally STALK and ABUSE women, you sick little dwarfy man!

Here's what you did when you went all over the Usenet impersonating the
well-liked regular named "sf" and posting all her personal data on the
net against her will, including her:

* home address
* age
* cell phone number
* husband's name


YOU did that, you evil *******!

And then you had the hubris to actually GLOAT about in public saying:



Wed, 25 Nov 2015 21:18:00 -0600

She should call the cops. I've already publicly admitted it is me so
a conviction should be a piece of cake and then forging would stop.
So what's stopping her? I think she suffers from Bovism - she just
loves the attention and drama and screw the rest of the group.



And before that you literally stalked poor Omelet, a local Auustin
favorite, right off the Usenet!

In your worst moment ever you actually begged her to KILL you:



3/18/2011 3:49 PM
Microsoft Internet News 4.70.1162 - News for Geeks and ISPs

Sorry I don't fit either of your Ideal Psycho Pal Profiles.


I'd prefer you use a sniper rifle on me from a few hundred yards away.
There you go - a reason for you to buy yet another gun and ammo.


Then after having your nose rubbed in your filthy criminal stalking you
came back with, not an apology, nor the slightest remorse, just this:

"The facebook group is much more pleasant."

But we all know that's only because you cower over there in mortal fear
of being booted by the FB admins.

You're _so done_ here virus, I mean really ****ing done.

I'm making you a project like no other, expect a lot more of your evil
abuse and hatred to be aired for all to see here.

And we both know there's a google archive full of your hatred of women
just waiting to be hung out on the virtual clothesline to dry.

Enjoy then, you rotten, worthless misogynistic *******!

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