Barbecue ( Discuss barbecue and grilling--southern style "low and slow" smoking of ribs, shoulders and briskets, as well as direct heat grilling of everything from burgers to salmon to vegetables.

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Default Oh Marty, where are ya Marty?

I am Marty Bodine in Kansas City and I kill off groups along with Steve
Wertz of Austin, TX.

Come feel me now:

================================================== ======================


Bla bla bla, you're so clever. NOT! ROFL! And the webtv reference....
seriously? *You're* making fun of *me* with webtv? Do you not realize that
you have just validated everyone who has laughed at you for it?

One note... you can't lay off the crossdressing stuff in your lame attempt
at humor. You got caught on it already, and we all know about it, and "I
know you are but what am I" doesn't fix it.

Now **** off and die, you phony little pussy, and next time you decide to
start flinging shit at people outside your own back yard, try to prepare
your freeble little mind for the fact that you need to be willing to take
what you dish out, because someone may do the same thing back at you. If
you're going to keep being a pussy who wants to give shit but screams like a
sissy baby when you get it back, you'll just spend your sad little life
going through episodes like this where your true nature is revealed to all.

I'm done with you now, shithead. That is, unless you want more.

And unless you decide to resume making personal attacks on people who are
trying to discuss reasonable things. A little good natured banter between
rivals is fine, but you cannot seem to understand why it's offensive to
invade other forums and turn on a tirade of hateful personal attacks on
individuals. So if you go that route again, I'll be back on your ass, with
Goatboy, Ronald, and a bunch more tasty morsels. And go ahead and post all
the stupid shit you want in the Chiefs forums... you're not getting any
action because they are too smart to take your juvenile bait.... and
besides, yuou're just not funny.

Now please refrain from being an asshole and I will do the same.... or not,
your choice.

Besides, I can be a much bigger asshole than you when provoked, so do the
smart thing while you have this one opportunity at a truce.


================================================== =======================

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