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Bread Basket[_7_] 16-01-2013 11:36 PM

Peas Parry (LQQK)
Hash, peas partridge

On 12/13/12 1:26 AM, MMkay17432 - The Terrible Twenties Years wrote:
Never deal with peas, please.
Feel a faint blow to your
Serious shit, but I must digress. Bless this mess, these bregs of
Christmas past.
Expired gander out your ass, and with chamber music I must retire.
Rock Hart the ultimate paragon, and Delolden my squire.
Pray with me and pass the bunions,
and I will give you funions without question, and hold the dressing
before undressing.
And here comes the squander
of bregs asunder, another blunder for your leftover peas parry, and for
your mother named Larry.

- The Bregs Prayer, on Christmas Two-Weeks Eve

Don't Thank Me,
Tarpin Terrier


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