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Amanda Cheng 24-06-2012 04:18 PM

Searching for Cheap Flights?
Many people believe that flying in a post-9/11 world is more expensive
than ever. Increased fuel costs have led to airlines adding fuel
surcharges, baggage fees, and all sorts of other charges to the cost
of an airline ticket. Further, US travellers are charged for the
privilege of waiting in long security checkpoint lines, thanks to a
federally-mandated security fee for each ticket sold.

However, the actual cost of airline tickets has dropped substantially
in recent years. The emergence of ‘budget’ airlines and increased
competition within the airline industry has led actual ticket costs to
fall over time. Believe it or not, the average airline ticket today
costs far less than tickets purchased 10 years ago, after the prices
are adjusted for inflation – even when you include various fees
associated with today’s tickets. Thanks to Internet booking services
like TravelPapa, airlines must compete in a much more vigorous manner
than ever before, resulting a huge number of cheap flights available
to customers. Visit:

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