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bob garnache 20-05-2012 03:33 PM

I ground 4lb's of sirloin steak and 2 lbs of bacon, i added some
seasoning before i ground it up.

i made two burgers, one for my wife and i. i placed them on the rib-o-
lator inside my kettle using the cajun ring and the pitmaster IQ110
for temp control.

i cooked the burgers at 300-320 grill temp. i cooked the burgers until
they reached 140 internal temp and then placed on the grate to reverse
sear. they came out perfect.

i used a little honey mustard mixed with some Cayenne and a little
mayo on the other side. i added sweet onion, avocado, and tomatoes, oh-
ya and some cilantro.

my wife even liked it but she thought there was to much bacon she
wanted to taste the meat more. TO MUCH BACON!!! I THOUGHT IT NEED
MORE! i think even the pigs would agree that you can's have to much.

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