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George M. Middius[_2_] 20-03-2012 05:35 PM

Old Biddy Mary

Mary, Mary, Mary... Why did you stop taking your meds? Why did you
quit therapy? Why did you bail on AA and NA? Why do you hate yourself?

Like I said, you moronic bitch..... if you don't like personal shit
being flung at you, don't fling personal shit at anyone else. Get
*that* through that thick ****ing skull of yours.

Isn't that funny. I said pretty much the same thing to Mary, and she
threw a major hissy fit.


Thank you so much for sharing your intense self-hatred, Mary. Do go
conquer some more newsgroups and win lots more arguments. You are
impervious to improvement and deaf to contradiction -- IOW, the
Perfect Usenet Warrior.

Too bad you're an incurable idiot. And let's not get into your
insufferable egomania. I KFed you, and look how you're handling the
rejection. Pathetic.

BTW, I think Sheldon is a little smarter than you. He also might have
a sense of humor, unlike you.

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