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Silvyu 19-03-2012 02:54 PM

Meat boy!! Please be serious..
I am Silvyu I am 20 years old,75 eyes..
I am here to search a men/girl/group what would like to make my dream
come true and perhaps their own too.
When I was 15 years old,I have opened the first dark door from my
brain,it was very unplessant but after some years I had started to
like it,and becomed an obsession..what it was?well I saw some pictures
with canibals,heavey torture,extrem things done to people.. after
some time I had started to figure out that I like them,very much,well
I like to image myself being a slave/victim what it`s sacrificated/
This is my dream…
I want to be meat/animal the question is do you want me??Do you want
to make your dark thoughts come true?

You can find me on my e-mail: or you can leave
here a message;) How it`s better for you …
Thanks from reading and have a good day!

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