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Brick[_3_] 24-12-2009 02:53 PM

the food sucked

On 24-Dec-2009, "Nonny" wrote:

Damn- sometimes life is bad, bad, bad. Tonight, we had salmon,
which was not bad in and of itself and in sufficient quantities,
coupled with 3 da*m warmed up, pulpy, flavorless, inedible
vegetables: all served in the spirit of dieting, "good for ya',
bulls*it". The entire salmon portion I was handed to cook was
about 10 ounces for the three of us.

Life sucks, and I'm hungry.


My heart goes out to you Nonny. I feel your pain (ala Bill Clinton).
I like to think I'm in shape because round is a shape. However
TFM® says my shape is more reminiscent of a sucker stick with
an M & M stuck to the middle. I am reluctant to argue the merit
of that observation, lest it drag on like a frivilous dialog about
the merit(s) of saltpeter vs tenderquick for brining.

I served up Butternut squash, Brown gravy, Fried Ham, Collard
greens and Red Beans for lunch yesterday. Tonight I plan to
put out grilled NY steaks, baked potato w/butter and sour cream
and green beans. There will always be crusty Italian bread and
whipped butter.

Christmas day will see Braised beef roast with garlic slivers, baked
ham, mashed potatoes with brown gravy, Mexicorn, green beans,
candied sweet potatoes and homemade banana icecream for dessert.
We'll include a thought for you as we give thanks for our bounty.

And in case anyone is in doubt, this newsgroup is neither dead nor
dying, Kent is still here and he has already outlived some of the folks
that used to feed his dialog.

Brick (Da*n, sometimes life is good, good, good)

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