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Old 21-10-2003, 04:29 PM
Anonymous via the Cypherpunks Tonga Remailer
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Default ATTN People

If you don't already know about Derek Hornby you can read
about some of his activities from the links below.

There is nothing libellous in this post as it is all
true, as you can see for yourself from the links
which show Derek Hornby at work. In fact Derek
Hornby has been questioned about his activities in
the teens group many times
over the past three years by many people and not
once has Derek Hornby taken anyone to court for
libel, why?, because he know it is all true thats

Derek Hornby currently uses the email address

and is currently infesting uk.people.disability where he
is hated and loathed by many for his activities.

Over the comming months this post will be posted to many
newgroups and internet sites, eventualy millions are
going to read all about Derek Hornby and his disgusting
activities. Aplologies if you have read this befor in
another group, but it is important for all abused people
to know about this man.

He claims to be totaly blind yet by his own words in his
own posts it is clear that he can see although his vision
may be affected. He boasts of a twenty five year plus
flying history, and travels two or three times a year
by air on his own, where he goes to he will not say. How
he pays for all this travel plus the costs of his prostitute
activities while his only known income is state benefits
again he will not say.

Report of Grooming activities by Derek Hornby


D.J Hornby

Textphone, prefix 18001 text or 18002 voice (01695) 422596

5, The Grove
L39 6RA

The 13 year old, Maria, went to a teen newsgroup looking for
friends aged 13-20. She did not ask for a 46 year old man who
misrepresented himself as a youth worker.

Derek Hornby took advantage of the fact that Maria was attacked
by others in the group, so she was vulnerable. He defended her
to win her favour. He proceeded to gain Maria's trust, and he e-
mailed her privately.

Derek Hornby lied to Maria when his extensive use of prostitutes
was revealed, and tried to say someone else must have used his
computer. He is the only one who used deafblind equipment for
communicating, and there are ample records of him using
prostitute newsgroups since 1998. The type of services he used
show a liking for kinky sex, as he replied to adverts for bi-
sexuals and multiple partners.

Maria was frightened when Derek Hornby told her he was coming to
see her in Moscow.

Derek Hornby has attempted to remove the evidence of his posts
from various newsgroups.

Maria's 1st post aged 13 (in 2000), requesting a teenage friend:

Hi my name is Maria, i was born in 1986. I speak French,
English, Russian, a little bit Spanish. I like sports, listening
to music, chatting and
travelling. I live in Moscow but i'm going to England this
summer. I'd like to find a friend from England between ages 13-

Proof he contacted teenager, Maria, privately by e-mail:

Derek Hornby wrote in message
Maria, sorry, but I did answer your email.

Misrepresenting himself to gain the trust of a young girl:

Derek Hornby wrote in message
Well, Jon, whether mail was, or wasn't hacked, only the person concerned would know, plus the hacker. So that issue can only be an opinion.

As for my right to be here in this group, there is no law about youth workiers, or volunters, not looking into a youth club.

And I wuld remind you, that I was simply expressing a view, that a young poster was, been insulted, for no good reason. I still fell same, and still feel that some of you could have been more frienly to Maria.

yes.... you are a youth worker?

maybe we should tell your boss that his 'youth worker' has been
looking at naughty things (we've been doing our research into
your prostitition games). Sure, look in, see if we care, just
leave us alone.. we want to talk amongst ourselves, the - ok, maybe you are UK.LONDON, but no TEENS, see?

how old are you? 30, 40, 50?

sure, you've been expressing your view too much, and nobody
wants to read it no more...

now, let's get back on with what we normally do, without the
Russians, or the Old Folks.

This is Maria after being warned Derek Hornby used prostitute

wow he posted a lot! are you sure it was him? - Derek didn't
answer when i asked him if it was all true. i never thought he
would do that.

Trying to lie about posting to prostitute newsgroups:

"Derek Hornby" wrote in message
I, agree with you, 100% that you did see my name, and account
number, at top of the posts, and I've not said different. All
I've said, and still say, is that I did not personally post. I
accept, that I can't porove it, but then neither can anyone
here, prove I did, personally post.

Maria is worried about Derek Hornby coming to see her:

4. He asked me to be his tour guide in Moscow! And i won't
because i'm not sure!

Repeated messages to get rid of him from teen newsgroup:

Derek has come along and started making threats, taking things

seriously. This is not the place for law-suits, or a place where
people take things seriously.

Look: We're teenagers.

This is NOT your place Derek, we're all friends here, and we all
seem to be sticking up for each other. You come in, start
telling us what to do, and act as if you own the place.


NOW!!! OUT NOW!!! OUT!!! OUT!!! YEAH!!!

10 - 15 years experience of prostitutes would make him
unsuitable company for a 13 year old girl:

On Tue, 20 Jul 1999 04:21:05 -0400, Derek Hornby

Hi Sue,

You're right, and to be honsest, I have been with other escorts
in past with no problems. The reason I can't see my usual girl,
is because she is
away on holiday at moment.

you know, all the girls I have seen in past mmmm 10 15 years,
have had no experience of the blind, deaf, or deafblind, but,
have been willing to *gain* such experience, by acceptting such

Proof that he does more than hold hands, and is used to
travelling to find multiple partners:

On 15 Sep 2000 20:46:02 GMT, Derek Hornby

She charges 700 for overnight

For that you could get a cheap flight to bangkok a cheap Hotel
and have well over 7 girls, most of whom would probably be far
more attractive and give you a better ****

Proof that he likes teenagers:

Love Toy wrote in message

I'm Toyha 18 yo live in North Manchester vist me and my

friend Reanne for a good time .

I sent the young lady an email and got no reply. so is she a


Perhaps she'd read some of your other whinging postings? p-)

This is the ad from the prostitute, who he falsely accused of

I'm Anna, a stunning 25 year old blonde. I am very slim (uk

size 6), 5ft 5, busty 32d-23-32 and bi-sexual. I am available
for hotel and home visits for gentlemen, ladies and couples in
the Midlands and London. I am very intelligent and sophisticated
and love dinner dates, parties and functions, evenings in,
evenings out, shopping trips and erotic massage. If you are
looking for a fun and relaxed time then I am the girl for you.

Picture this. You've got Anna who is a uk size 6, which is

about the size of your average eight year old, sporting a pair
of 32... D....! boobs.

Derek Hornby has used the fact that he is categorised as deaf
and blind to excuse all his behaviour. He is able to fly abroad
on his own, so he has no limitations.

The act of enticing a child by means of false information to
gain their trust is known as "grooming":

"The second reading of the draft legislation relating to electronic sexual
content received overall support in the UK House of Commons this week. A
draft Bill is on the books and is set to make "Internet grooming" a crime.
"Internet grooming" is the practice of adults who solicit under-age children
on the Internet with the express intention of sexually abusing them. The
legislation will seek to make this type of activity an offence under The
Sexual Offences Bill. It will create a "Risk of Sexual Harm Order" which
will prohibit adults from sending sexually explicit content to children
online. MPs are in favour of this new Bill, in light of recent events and
its magnifying of the dangers of chat rooms to children. (17 July 2003)"

Reform of Computer Misuse Act (pdf):

Governing Child Pornography (pdf):

Governance of Pornography:

Legal interception of communications:

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Default ATTN People


Are you bitter? You sound bitter.

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