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DesertDad 01-10-2003 06:41 AM

The 555555(5) Bloody Mary
Try a pinch or two of horseradish!

"Steve Wertz" wrote in message
I don't usualy post recipes, but these are so good I have to share. I
drink 5 of these a week:

Take 5 oz of regular Clamato and pour it over 5 ice cubes. Add 5
drops of habanero tabasco, 5 sqwertz of L&P Worschestire and 5 shakes
of Old Bay. Stir once every 5 minutes allowing the Old Bay to
socialize and the ice to melt a little bit.

This makes a nicely spicy, virgin sipping drink as is. However...

You may also use it as a chaser for 5 shots of vodka. I personally
don't think vodka and Clamato/tomato mix well, so I do them


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