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Default How to do chicken right.

raymond wrote:

I do chicken on my Weber gas grill. I do not like Italian or any other
marinade. I baste it constantly as it cooks with melted butter and I
turn it often. Takes about 45 minutes, with the wings coming off
first, then the legs, then the thighs, and finally the breasts. It's a
lot of work, but of the dozens of ways I have tried to grill chicken,
this is the best I have found. The result is moist all through,
including the breasts which tend to dry out with other methods I have
used. My chicken gets rave reviews from my family and guests.

I use an offset smoker, though my technique should work in an R2D2. I
cut a chicken in half, allowing 1 chicken for every 3 people. Your
friends may be piggier than mine, or not as piggy.

I wash and pat dry the chickens, and then sprinkle the bird with a
generous amount of salt and black pepper.

At that point, I put them in the offset smoker, skin side down, at 250F,
measured at the grill.

I leave them in there about 1 1/2 hours. They are nicely done, the skin
is still crisp and they have a very nice smoky taste with the salt and
pepper really working well.

No marinades. No basting. No hassle. Just good bird.


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Default How to do chicken right.

On Apr 30, 3:32 pm, raymond wrote:
On 30 Apr 2007 17:05:20 GMT, ceed wrote:

Olde Hippee wrote in

I have a weird way of doing a whole chicken. I put the marinade under
the skin. Just be careful getting your fingers under the skin as it
tears easily. The marinade/ sauce I use is my own creation. Balsamic
vinegar, garlic, lots of garlic powder, salt, pepper, a little
cayenne pepper,sugar, basil, and onion powder. We do it with a pan of
water under the chicken to keep the moisture up. Without the pan of
water, we do it in a pan with a little water in it to keep the juices
from burning. I've been known to throw a cube of chicken boullion in
the water too. We cook @ 325 for about an hour to an hour and 15 min
til thigh temp is 175.

You could try injecting the meat with a marinade too to keep it moist.
Or use a soak for a few hours or overnight. Ive not done that but
have read plenty about it.
Good Luck. Nanzi

Thanks! This sounds like something I have to try this upcoming weekend.
Sounds wonderful and relatively simple. I also liked the simple approach
someone else in this thread had which was only brushing the chicken with
butter over and over. I like that you have basil in there. I've always
like basil with chicken, but haven't seen it used to much here in the US.
Another herb I like for chicken is Majoram. I will try to add some of
that as well to see if it works. Again, thank you!

Marjoram is good. Also consider tarragon. My favorite chicken pot pie
recipe uses tarragon.

OOOHHH both the marjoram and taragon sound great, will try them this
weekend too, or as soon as bird is thawed!!

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