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Default Cowboy Lump

On 2007-04-24, Steve Wertz wrote:
On 24 Apr 2007 16:05:45 GMT, Rick F. wrote:

I've got about 4-5 boxes left in my original order I did almost a year ago..
It's great stuff but I don't use it for certain things -- like pizza cooks
where you want REALLY hot coals -- I find the Kamado extruded (CEL) takes too
long to come up to temp.. For that I use Royal Oak which seems much faster in
my opinion. However, where the Kamado stuff really shines is for low-n-slow
cooks -- I can put one box of the stuff in my Kamado #7 and it will EASILY run
for 36 hours or longer w/o needing to open it up..

Is the Kamado stuff charred, or is it just pressed coconut shells?
Anybody know if it's available in Austin?

It's about as charred as you can get (pure black).. It gives off very little
(if any) flavor of its own which is why you may want to add some smoking wood
to get the flavor you desire.. You can think of Kamado's extruded coconut
product as a heat-source that won't impart flavor/smokiness (IMHO)

The fact that's marketed by Kamado is almost reason not to buy it,
no matter how good it is. Just IMO, of course.

I've had good luck and in fact some people are working on getting a pallet of
the stuff shipped out to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area as we speak. I'm not up on
what the status is for that shipment, but frequently there are bulk orders
being setup by a handful of people in a geographic region.. Of course, if you
want to try a box, you might find someone in your area that has one that you
can try for a few $$ to see if you like it..

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Default Cowboy Lump

On Tue, 24 Apr 2007 03:27:26 GMT Steve Wertz

Mine last two burns of Cowboy left noxious creosote all over my
grill. Even the outside was dripping resin of some sort.

I was slapping some dinner together tonight on short notice and had some
ears of corn I wanted to cook quickly. I didn't want to mess with the gas
grill so I figured that bottom of the bag of Cowboy I found would light

Well, it sure did light quickly but it left a noxious black oil across the
corn. This stuff is indeed truly vile.
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Default Cowboy Lump

"skeeter" wrote in message

When you look at a piece of cowboy it looks like charred milled
lumber. So it really makes you really wonder what it's made out of.

Well. lumber used to be made from wood.I cook over lots of milled lumber
right from the shop. It is just like a tree, only prettier.

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Default Cowboy Lump

On 24 Apr 2007 15:59:18 GMT, "Rick F." wrote:

On 2007-04-24, DavidG- wrote:

You might try your local Walmart for Royal Oak -- however, it may be seasonal
for the east coast.. I'm on the other side and they sell it year-round.. Out
here you can also get Cowboy at your local Trader Joe's if you really like it.
I used to use it but prefer RO over that anytime. Of course, I also use my
locally cut-down fruit wood trees for fuel as well -- they burn REALLY hot!

Yep...I buy Royal Oak from Wally all summer, but they stop stocking it in
August...I guess that's when people are supposed to stop grilling. I try to
stock up, but usually run out in the winter.

Last time I was at my local Wally's, they had several pallets of the stuff..
I usually buy 5-6 bags at a time and that keeps me for a month or two tops
assuming I'm also using my Kamado Koal and some fruit wood for fuel which I've
been doing lately -- it burns way hotter than any other lump I've got -- but
it smokes like a banchee during startup..

I generally keep 10-15 8 kilo bags 'in stock'. but Canadian Tire has a
permanent SKU for it and if they are out it takes a week to get some .
.. . I am very happy with 'my' Royal Oak.


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