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abcsilicone 20-10-2014 04:51 PM

How to use the silicone steamer mat
1 ,before use ,you must clean the silicone mat ,the best way is use the boiling water to clean ,do not use any metal tools or brush to clean ,it would be destroy the silicone steamer mat .
2 ,when the mat dry ,then put the silicone steamer bread mat into the steamer or plate .before you put the food on the mat , it must be sure that the silicone mat has not something wet ,it would effected the food .you also may put a food paper on the mat ,then put the food on the paper ,it is a good way to handle the problems .
3 ,when you have continue to use the mat for ten times ,you need to clean one time ,this way can keep the mat lifetime longer

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