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Julie Bove
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Default blood sugar levels

"Smo 23915" > wrote in message
> I have been checking my blood sugar levels. Could someonetell me what

> is.
> I have very low blood sugar. I think it is 70.-120. Does this sound

> thanks

Normal is somewhere between 80-110. That's for a person without diabetes.
You do not have very low BG. What makes you think you do? If you have
diabetes, your BG will fluctuate. The numbers you should aim for are <110
fasting, and <140 at two hours after eating. Some people will tell you <140
at one hour after eating and <120 at two hours after eating. At any rate,
you don't want to exceed 140.

It is possible that you have something called reactive hypoglycemia. If you
have this, you could suffer from hypos (low BG). The trick is to eat
frequent small meals and find a combination of foods that work for you.
Some people find they do better when they avoid processed foods or on a low
carb diet.

If you have neither reactive hypoglycemia or diabetes, your BG won't
fluctuate much at all no matter what you eat!

70 is probably lower than you want to be. I treat for hypoglycemia <80 or
<100 if I am to be active. These numbers may or may not apply to you. I
did have reactive hypoglycemia prior to diabetes and can get sudden hypos.
But certainly treat for hypo at 70 by eating 15 g of fast acting carbs.

Is there some reason you think you are low? Do you feel unwell? If so, and
if you are a diabetic, you could be suffering from sudden drops in BG. When
this happens, you can feel like you're having a hypo. The treatment for
this is either to tough it out or to eat 5 g of fast acting carb. Probably
best to just tough it out because if you keep eating to treat the bad
feelings, you only continue to have the same problem. Tough it out and
you'll likely no longer have those bad feelings after a couple of weeks.

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