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Default A Challenge To Bakers : Help me upgrade this recipe : PumpkinFlax Muffins

Steve wrote:

I would like to modify it such that

- each muffin gets at least 2 table spoons of ground flax seed.

Well.. there 16 tbs. in a cup so adding the extra 8 tbs. (1/2 cup)
shouldn't be a big problem, but adjusting for consistency night be

- some, most, or all of the wheat flour is replaced by TEFF flour
( to boost the calcium content).

Never used the stuff myself but from what I have read about it...seems
you can pretty safely substitute 1/4 or so of your flour with it.

- replace the sucanant with stevia

What form? Powdered? Liquid? IIRC the potency can vary greatly by type.
Maybe this will help...

- replace the wheat bran and wheat germ with something else

Oat bran or rice bran, amounts would not change I don't think. For the
germ...never had occasion to substitute anything for it.

- if practical, replace the soy milk with something else vegan.

Rice milk, oat milk, almond milk... I have used rice milk in recipes
that called for soy milk with good results. IIRC I did adjust a tad for
consistency, although if adding extra flax seed you might not need to
bother with that too much.

I'm not a baker so I don't know which ingredients/amounts I need
to keep to make the muffins work.

Any ideas? Thoughts?

Batters are surprisingly accommodating when you're toying with them.
Most take a little tweaking quite well with no major loss in texture or
flavor. However you're sort of rewriting the whole of the recipe here so
I suggest you do a little research of your own since nothing beats
gathering your own info and giving it a try. In the end your main
concern is the thickness of the batter, making sure you are familiar
with what it "should" look like will help you determine if you've gotten
it right. Good Luck!