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Default Juice Bag Has Small Leak!

"Joe Sallustio" wrote in message
On Oct 16, 7:20 pm, "JB" wrote:
I think I know the answer but I'll still ask the question.

I received a 16 liter wine kit today. The outer box was intact but the
kit box felt slightly damp when I took it out of the inner box. When I
removed the plastic wrap I could tell that the box was a little damp.
Inside, the oak chip bags were soaked. There's a leak in the bag near the
top that I've not yet located. Here's my question: If the air tight seal
the juice bag is compromised in any way then this renders the juice
unusable, right? I mean has anyone received a kit in similar condition
gone on to make good wine? Bad wine? Didn't even bother?

I've already notified the company and am expecting them to replace it or
give me credit but since this is the first time for this I wanted to ask



I have no experience with this but if the juice does not smell bad or
look oxidized it may be OK. If they don't want it back i would make
it and turn it into vinegar if worst came to worst.


I suppose if you don't want to tie up your resources/equipment for a month
or so, you could just make a gallon and see what happens? Then you haven't
wasted it entirely, having got a free gallon of wine!