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Default Donnhoff Spatlese buying advice

Salil wrote:

Eventually that would be the long term intention. But as I've not
tried a single one of the Spatlesen yet, I'd quite like to sample at
least one or two a bit younger over the course of 3-4 days before
getting an idea of what to buy and lay down for a decade or so.

Fair enough. It's not as if you can't enjoy them young, but most people
find them more enjoyable with a fair amount of bottle age. You might
try aerating them now with a 1-2 hour decant to help the sulfur blow off
and the wines open up a bit more. Anyway, enjoy -- Dönnhof is one of
the gold standards for German winemaking.

Mark Lipton

p.s. I take it that this opportunity is in Chicago? If it's open to
more than you, could you drop me a line with the details? It sounds
like a great opportunity.
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