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Default Pork loin

On 13-Oct-2007, "Edwin Pawlowski" wrote:

"Roughrider50" wrote in message
Greetings. Tomorrow I'm going to smoke an 8lb pork loin in my
cookshack smoketteII. I've looked high& low for the cooking times on
Usenet & elsewhere & can't come up with a time......just the temp. I'm
going to butterfly, flatten & roll this critter & smoke at 225-250
till its 140 to 150 internally, then sit for 30 minutes. Any ideas
on how long this will take. I need to plan the day so an approximate
is great. TIA!

It will take about two hours. You can do it higher for a shorter time if
you'd like. Since you are going to flatten and roll it, can I assume you
will stuff and season it? I've done many variations with ham, pepperoni,
prosciuto, assorted cheeses, garlic, oregano, etc. Depends on what I have

on hand and what the mood at the time.

I've done some pork loin roulades and posted the results. They cook way
faster then what you would expect and my experience has been over
cooking them. They take less then three hours in my pit. Like Ed I have
done them with all sorts of stuffing. Shy away from dry type stuffing
ingredients though. Avoid Prosciutto in particular. It just don't work
with lean pork (Too dry unless you balance it with something moist).
Olive spread works particularly well as it helps to maintain internal
moisture. Cooked ham, Cotto salami, provolone, swiss and mortadella
work well.

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