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Default smoked beef tongue

On Oct 11, 9:16 am, [email protected] wrote:
any recipes out there, I know I saw some before but failed to save
them. Siggestions appreciated. Thanks

Repost of Graeme's Response from some time back:

"My finest hour with the smoker happened earlier this year with an ox
tongue. The tongue I smoked was just under 2 kilos in weight. As you
indicated you have to get rid of the membrane. I assume you bought a
fresh tongue (they are also sold salted in the UK).

I boiled the tongue for 2 hours with a couple of onions. (Keep the
stock. Excellent base for soup) Let it cool and chill. The membrane
peels off easily. You can also trim the "root" if desired. Its a
little fatty. The tongue is almost, but not quite cooked at this

I smoked it at 235 degrees for 3 hours 45 minutes. I halved the tongue
length ways prior to smoking as I thought it was too thick to smoke in
one piece.

I smoked it using oak chippings over lump. The bark was truly
wonderful and the inner meat remained really moist. It also freezes
well. Slice as thinly as possible. It should go a long way."