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Default Cauliflower: How could it cause such

brigmave wrote:
: Bloody idiot. You're covering them with insulin.
: So, let's sum up.
: - you eat two meals a day
: - you eat 200-250g carbs spread across those 2 meals
: - you eat several fruits a day
: - you're on insulin
: - and you rarely test.
: Why don't you go away and learn about diabetes and diet someplace
: else. You're either a troll or a liar or terminally stupid.
: Nicky.
: T2 dx 05/04 + underactive thyroid
: D&E, 100ug thyroxine
: Last A1c 5.6% BMI 25

: I am so pleased to be called a troll. These dear little creatures
: live in the forests
: of Norway. The place of my birth. They are considered to bring much
: luck and joy and I hope I bring that to you.
: I don't plan on going away. You obviously have not read correctly!
: It seems you do not understand the in and outs of the diet I follow.
: It is the ADA diet. American Diabetic Association diet. It seems to
: be quite acceptable amongst
: my medical team.
: We also are very involved in intensive exercise almost every day.
: Calling names has never solved anything. Try and look outside your
: experience and see what others are doing and achieving the ultimate
: goals one has set.
: Thank you for your concern I do appreciate it.
: Brig

Type 2s who are not on insulin have several problems you, apparantly,
don't have. We have insulin resistnce, and usually struggle with wight
issues often brought on by the insulin resistance itself. We also cannot
eat many carbs and cover them with our meds as we cannot make corrections
as insulin users can should the numbers go too high from miscalculation
or over eating.

We mostly find that the ADA diet, which seems to work well for type 1's on
insulin, cdoean't work for us adn the releively large number of carbs
included cause us to have high blood glucose numbers or requie us to take
many more meds wh. The diet also can make weight control much harder to
achieve, just as were you to use more insulin and eat 300-400 carbs a day
in however many meals you want would do. for amny of us hs threashold is
not 200 carbs a day, ut often less than 100.

Ability and time to exercise also varies, even with the best f will. Mst
do not have the time or oportunity to do dressage everyday and ong times
swimming, but crowd exercise inbetween child care, work, adn running a
houshold. some are elderly and have physical issues that prevent a great
deal of exercise. this is the reality of diabetes for those of us who
work o control within the physical, financial, and time limitaions of our

When I was wworkign with a nutritianist, she advised me to NEVER use the
recipes in the ADA lay magazine, diabees Forcast as they all wee suitable
only for tall males who di dheavy physical labor adn, generally were type
1 and fairly yung. so wht may be YOUR gold standard, may well not by
ours. We test nd fid out what our carb tolerances are adn what specific
foods d t our blood glocose control adn work from there. We cannot
function on a standard diet set b the ADA, but wrk out our own, suign the
diabetes we know best, our own. Some of us improve and some are able to
delay progression to more severe type 2 by our efforts. that s what we
hope for. Type 1 probems and treatments just don't work for us.

How old are you and have you any other incidental conditions or time
constraints that might preclude you from extensive exercise?

Wendy Type 2 for 20 years
metformin EX 1000mgs 2x a day, 1 mg amaryl 1x a day
only two BP meds, down from 6!
Wet Maacular Degeneration(non-diabetes related)(Avstin shots into the
eyeball every 6 weeks.