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Default All secret recipes of top fast food resturants free

On Oct 5, 9:50 am, "James Silverton"
Cindy wrote on Fri, 05 Oct 2007 06:21:50 -0700:

CH On Oct 4, 3:25 pm, " CH wrote:

?? All secret recipes of top fast food resturants free i.e
?? McDonald's, KFC, Wendy's, Papa john's, chili's, Heinz,
?? kellogs all available at

CH And how much would I have to pay to be spared the secret
CH recipes of top fast food restaurants?

I hadn't looked at this before but not all the names were fast
food restaurants. Kellogs has a few secrets like how they manage
to use a box twice as large as necessary. Even if the weight is
printed on the box, my latest packet of All-Bran was just about
half empty. If you don't like Heinz's prices, others have
duplicated their red sauce quite well enough. In recent years,
I've only been to one of the "restaurants" lately and that in

Sorry, perhaps I was too subtle (or that other S word... stupid?)

Rather than getting fast food recipes for free, I wondered how much I
could pay to avoid them. Kind of like the "I'd like a windshield
for my Yugo" joke.

Cindy Hamilton