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Default Need a reputable online tea source

On Oct 5, 12:11 pm, Shen wrote:
On Oct 3, 8:52 pm, Tea Sunrise wrote:

I hope I don't turn this thread into advertisement for online tea
websites, but I'm looking to buying my loose leaf teas online. I just
can't trust the tea and herbal shop near me since the turnover of
their bulk teas is not that high. Whole foods market has a pretty
good selection, but I've seen better prices on

However, I've noticed has harvest dates which is great
information to provide in my opinion. I"ve also liked Adagio. Other
attributes like customer satisfaction, online security, and product
consistency are preferable. Thanks for your help.

Also, you may want to try Holy Mountain (good quality, fair prices) or
Imperial Tea Court, in my opinion best quality overall, and
competitive prices for the grade.
Then there's Enjoying Tea - very inexpensive, acceptable quality.
Whole Foods' major supplier for better teas is Silk Roads. The Phoenix
is okay; and they do buy their teas in small batches. Frontier is
their other big supplier (for herbs, as well) and these are generally
old, stale teas since they are sold in big lots and kept in poor

It was Frontier and Phoenix I bought locally, the Frontier first
before the store changed management. I was pleased with the Frontier
Sencha, Assam, and English Breakfast, but feel that the Phoenix Sencha
and two other Japanese greens were stale. A buyer beware situation
for both brands, I guess. Toci